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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) care management tool in nursing homes is called the Minimum Data Set (MDS), a set of screening and assessment tools that is part of a Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI).

OBRA basics

Every resident admitted to a Nursing Facility must follow the OBRA assessment rules.

Comprehensive Assess­men­ts: Includes the completion of the MDS, the Care Area Assessment (CAA) process and care planning. Compre­hensive MDSs include:
· Admission
· Annual,
· Signif­icant Change in Status Assessment (SCSA), and
· Signif­icant Correction to Prior Compre­hensive Assessment (SCPA ).

Non-Comprehensive: Includes a select number of items from the MDS used to track the resident’s status between compre­hensive assess­ments and to ensure monitoring of critical indicators of the gradual onset of signif­icant changes in resident status. They do not include completion of the CAA process and care planning. Non-co­mpr­ehe­nsive assess­ments include:
· Quarterly and
· Signif­icant Correction to Prior Quarterly (SCQA) assess­ments.

Significant Correction to Prior Compre­hensive Assessment (SCPA) (A0310­A=0­5): The SCPA is a compre­hensive assessment for an existing resident that must be completed when the IDT determines that a resident’s prior compre­hensive assessment contains a signif­icant error. It can be performed at any time after the completion of an Admission assess­ment, and its ARD and completion dates (MDS/C­AA(­s)/care plan) depend on the date the determ­ination was made that the signif­icant error exists in a compre­hensive assess­ment.

OBRA-required non-co­mpr­ehe­nsive MDS assess­men­ts: include a select number of MDS items, but not completion of the CAA process and care planning. The OBRA non-co­mpr­ehe­nsive assess­ments include:

· Quarterly Assessment
· Signif­icant Correction to Prior Quarterly Assessment
· Discharge Assessment – Return not Antici­pated
· Discharge Assessment – Return Antici­pated.


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