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Health Aide Basic Care Skills
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Job Summary

Provides health care tasks, personal hygiene services, housek­eeping tasks and other related support services essential to the client’s health and quality of life.
Obse­rves, records and reports all changes to their superv­isor. HHA must demons­trate competence in performing the necessary skills to follow the client's plan of care.

Diabetes Glucose Testing

a. Washes hands
b. Explains procedures to client
c. Calibrates machin­e/s­tripes as indicated
d. Do not use Alcohol Prep
e. Performs Glucose Texting properly
f. Knows normal range for blood sugar
g. Knows actions to take for abnormal blood sugar readings.
h. Unders­tands text device error messages, what it means and how to proceed.

Taking Resident Temper­ature

a. Rectal 99.6
b. Oral 98.6 F
c. Axillary (digital thermo­meter)

Taking Vitals

Taking pulse (radical). Able to locate pedal, cartoid
Counting Respir­ations
Blood Pressure; uses stetho­scope
Weight & Height measur­ement

Giving Bed Baths

Following the order below.
a. Prepare client for the bath
b. Fill with the approp­riate Water Temper­ature.
c. Soap used and rinsed off thoroughly
d. Skin dried thoroughly
e. Lotion applied approp­riately
f. Client dressed, hair combed
g. Client kept warm throughout

Giving Sponge­/Tu­b/S­hower Baths

a. Follow all steps listed above in bed bath
b. Transfer client safely in and out of the shower or tub
c. Allow clients to assist when and as they are able

Gives a Shampoo in Sink/T­ub/Bed

a. Positions client approp­ria­tely.
b. Protects clothing from getting wet.
c. Avoids getting shampo­o/water on clients face.
d. Rinses & dries hair.
e. Combs hair.
f. Keeps client warm & comfor­table throughout the shampo­oing.

Nail Care

a. Nails cleaned gently with proper tool- brush, orange stick
b. Hands/ feet soaked prior to cleaning and trimming
c. Nails trimmed/ filed to safe length
d. Diabetics nails never trimmed

Oral Hygiene

Provides oral hygiene as approp­riate for each client:
a. Washes dentures
b. Brushes teeth or offers client necessary supplies to brush teeth
c. Rinses clients mouth/ uses toothettes as needed
d. Observes for any break in mucous membranes

Skin Care

a. Observes skin condition
b. Applies lotion
c. Massages bony promin­ences and redden areas
d. Ensures linens are wrinkle free

Toileting & Elimin­ation

a. Proper positi­oning, use of bed pan & emptying
b. Proper positi­oning, use of urinal & emptying
c. Provides privacy
d. Catheter care- measures and record intake & output volumes

Eating Assistance

1. Assist­/Pe­paring meals
2. Serving the food.
3. Assisting client with eating including using special utensils.
4. Record the percentage of the meal consumed.

Medication & Devices

a. Assists with medication as specified on plan of care
b. Assists with treatment as per the plan of care
c. Assists with medical devices (e.g. Catheter, O2 tanks/­mac­hines)
d. Records task on medication and treatment admini­str­ation records.
e. Notifies supervisor for any missed tasks.

Safe Ambulation & Transfer Techniques

a. Uses good body techni­que­s/m­ech­anics to prevent injury.
b. Makes enviro­nment safe for ambula­tion.
c. Locks wheels on wheelchair & beds as needed.
d. Insures client wears non- skid footwear.
e. Used gait belt correctly, as needed.
f. Properly supports client throughout procedure w/o unnece­ssary pullin­g/j­erking.
g. Heel cord steel.

Proper Extremity Support During Exercise

Performs proper positi­oning & body alignment for the following positions:
a. On back(props heals of bed; keep weight of blanket off toes; only one pillow under head, use wedge for propping due to respir­atory condition; props hands with pillows)
b. Side lying (smaller pillow at head; small pillow­/bl­anket between knees; pillow support to back)
c. Turns client properly without unnece­ssary pulling/ jerking
d. Moves client up in bed without unnece­ssary pullin­g/j­erking

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