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How To Make Applejack Wiskey Cheat Sheet by

How To Make Applejack Wiskey
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It takes 52 pounds of apples to make the four gallons of sweet cider required to produce one 750-ml bottle of three-­yea­r-aged Cornelius Applejack, one of a few preser­vation techniques in which the fruit becomes more valuable over time

Step 1 Apply are Ground to a Puree

Washed apples are ground into a rough puree called slurry, which is stacked between layers of cloth and slowly squeezed together by 2,300 pounds of hydraulic pressure to create sweet cider. The cider is filtered and refrig­erated. Bacteria are killed through ultrav­iolet light instead of heat pasteu­riz­ation, which can change the taste.

Step 2 Fermented

The sweet cider is transf­erred to stainl­ess­-steel tanks and fermented with champagne yeast, chosen for its efficiency in a wide range of temper­atu­res—and the fact that it adds banana and crème brûlée aromas

Step 3 Distilled

The hard cider, about 6 percent alcohol, is pumped into a 100-gallon copper pot for the first of two distil­lat­ions. The first, called stripping, slowly pulls the alcohol out of the cider, creating a raw material that is about 30 percent alcohol. The second distil­lation separates the compounds by boiling points, and only the hearts (the ethanol or drinking alcohol) make it into the final spirit, which at this point is about 80 percent alcohol.

Step 4 Filtered Ground­water Added

Filtered ground­water is added to bring the applejack down to 60 percent alcohol before it is aged for three years in used 50-gallon bourbon barrels. The slow oak extraction works well with the apple base to produce flavors of toasted coconut, caramel, and vanilla.


Step 5 Filtered and Bottled

Coming out of the barrel, the applejack is transf­erred to stainl­ess­-steel tanks, diluted with filtered water to 40 percent alcohol, filtered again through thick pads until it is free of particles, and then bottled by hand

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