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Human Body Skeleton Cheat Sheet by

The bones of the human body
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Body System


The Skull (1)
 ­The Cranial bones(8)
   Occipital bone
   Parietal bones (2)
   Frontal bone
   Temporal bones (2)
   Sphenoid bone (sometimes counted as facial)
   Ethmoid bone (sometimes counted as facial)
 ­The Facial bones (15)
   Nasal bones (2)
   Maxillae (upper jaw) (2)
   Lacrimal bone (2)
   Zygomatic bone (2)
   Palatine bone (2)
   Inferior nasal concha (2)
   Mandible (lower jaw)
   Hyoid bone (sometimes not counted)
 In the middle ears (3 x 2)
   Incus (2)
   Malleus (2)
   Stapes (2)


The Sternum (1)
The Ribs (24, in 12 pairs), including:
(7) pairs called "true ribs" directly attached to the sternum (1st-7th pairs)
(3) pairs (8th,9th and 10th pairs), also known as false ribs are attached anteriorly to each other and to the 7th rib by cartilages and synovial joints
(2) pairs of floating ribs (11th and 12th pairs), have no anterior attach­ment.

Vertebral column

Spinal vertebrae of the vertebral column (26 bones)
 ­The Cervical verteb­rae (7)
 ­The Thoracic verteb­rae (12)
 ­The Lumbar verteb­rae (5)
 ­The Sacral verteb­rae (5 at birth, fuses into 1)
 ­The Coccygeal verteb­rae (4 at birth, fuses into 1)


Bones of the upper arm (6 bones, 3 each side)
The Hand (54 bones, 27 in each hand)
 ­ ­The carpus
    Scaphoid bone (2)
    Lunate bone (2)
    Triquetrum bone (2)
    Pisiform bone (2)
    Trapezium (2)
    Trapezoid bone (2)
    Capitate bone (2)
    Hamate bone (2)
 ­ ­The Metaca­rpus (5 × 2)
 ­ ­The Phalanges of the hand
    Proximal phalanges (5 × 2)
    intermediate phalanges (4 × 2)
    Distal phalanges (5 × 2)


The Hip Bone; comprising the fused ilium, ischium, and pubis (2)
    The sacrum and coccyx attach to the 2 hip bones forming the pelvis
The Femur
The Patella or knee cap
The Tibia
The Fibula
The Foot (52 bones in total, 26 per foot)
  The Tarsus
    Calcaneus or heel bone (2)
    Talus (2)
    Navicular bone (2)
    Medial cuneiform bone (2)
    Intermediate cuneiform bone (2)
    Lateral cuneiform bone (2)
    Cuboid bone (2)
 ­ ­The Metata­rsus
  The Phalanges of the Foot
    Proximal phalanges (5 × 2)
    Intermediate phalanges (4 x 2)
    Distal phalanges (5 x 2)
    The Sesamoid bones

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izamora izamora, 01:26 22 Sep 18

very useful for my bio 139 class

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