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Improve LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Cheat Sheet by

Improve LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
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LinkedIn is the social media platform for B2B companies. Though various other social media platforms like Facebook are being used by B2B companies to market themse­lves, LinkedIn continues to be the primary social media channel for B2B busine­sses.

This dominance of LinkedIn in B2B marketing could be because of the active presence of a consid­erable number of senior level influe­ncers and decision makers in LinkedIn. If LinkedIn is your primary social media channel for marketing purpose, then you should keep in the mind the following tips to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

1. Define your goal and the audience

The first and foremost task is to define the goal of your business and who your audience is. The goal can be to sell your product or service or generate leads. For, eg; If you are selling marketing e-book, then your target audience would be marketing profes­sio­nals. Thus, your goal would be to create awareness about your brand among LinkedIn members with job titles “marketing manager” and “marketing execut­ive.”

2. Build a compelling company page

Your company page on LinkedIn should be an extension of your website. It should provide all inform­ation which your custom­ers­/cl­ients seek. Apart from basic inform­ation like the website details, headqu­arters, the number of employees and type of business, it should also contain details like the product or service you are offering, job opport­unities if any, intere­sting videos and graphics related to your business. You can provide your company logo as the profile picture so that customers can easily connect to your brand. Once your company page is set up and complete, you can invite your employees, vendors, and clients to follow your page. You can even ask your clients to recommend your product or service.

If you are running a business on your own, you should make sure that your individual profile page is also complete. A completed LinkedIn profile page helps people to connect with you and the company.

3. Optimize the company page

Once you create a compelling company page, the next step is to make sure that it is optimized for the right keywords. You can either do keyword research or come up with your own keyword which you think would represent your business. For example; if you are a person­ality develo­pment coach, then you can target the keywords “perso­nality develo­pment” or “perso­nality training”. Insert the same in your company page. Provide the link to your website or blog on your company page. You can even ask your employees to link their LinkedIn profile to your company page

4. Post relevant content

Once the company page is created and optimized; you should not leave it as such. Content that is relevant to your industry should be shared on your page. This can either be your own content or content that is curated. But make sure that the content is not directed towards sales as most of the people dislike such ‘salesy’ content. People who view this content and find it intere­sting will share the same thus increasing the organic reach of your page. If you share content more freque­ntly, the engagement rate will automa­tically go up. Therefore, there is a higher chance for your company page to appear in search result.

While sharing content, make sure that you use more of images, video, and infogr­aphics as the human brain can easily process such data. Tools like Drumup come in handy for generating fresh content ideas and also for scheduling the content.
If any of your content receives high engagement rate, it is a good idea to sponsor the content through “sponsored content on LinkedIn”.

5. Start a LinkedIn group

You can start a LinkedIn group for your company so that further discus­sion, if any, can be carried out more effici­ently. Once the group is created, you should invite your employees, vendors, customers and clients to follow the group. This helps in growing the group organi­cally. You can even opt for LinkedIn advert­isement to improve the visibility of your group. In a LinkedIn group, you can directly message your customer or clients and send any promotions and campaigns directly to them

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