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Incrementalism is the modern socioeconomic model for tyranny
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Forget about all the major "­ism­s"…C­api­talism, Consum­erism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism. There is a new (old) kid on the block, and it goes by the name of Increm­ent­alism.

Increm­ent­alism is the modern socioe­conomic model for tyranny and it is the ultimate incarn­ation and evolution of all of the "­ism­'s". Increm­ent­alism is the reason why we suddenly seem to find ourselves in a pot full of hot water that is getting ready to boil, with little memory of how we got here.

Tyranny that is forced on a population all at once can result in a revolu­tion. However, tyranny that is spoon-fed to a population over an extended period of time results in acclim­ati­zation to it without realiz­ation of it. And as long as it is done under the guise of being something good or beneficial for the people, then there is usually little resistance from the bulk of the popula­tion.

Begin Wtih Freedom

Begin With Freedom → add an act of "­ter­ror­ism­" → add some protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → add additional protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → add additional protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → add additional protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → add additional protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → add additional protec­tiv­e/r­est­rictive legisl­ation → End With Tyranny

Begin With Police

Begin with Police → add unlawful detention → add unlawful survei­llance → add unlawful search and seizure → add private security force → add riot control → add military police → add drones and automated security robots → End with Police State.

Begin with Traffic Cameras

Begin With Traffic Cameras → add mall cameras → add airport cameras → add stadium cameras → add street corner cameras → add street­light cameras → add car cameras → add PC cameras → add phone cameras → add TV cameras → add appliance cameras→ add full body cameras (scanners) → add satellite cameras → add drone cameras → End With Skynet? (pc/phone cameras can be beneficial but they can also be hacked­/ab­used)


Begin with Full Employment

Begin With Full Employment → add manufa­ctured economic woes → reduce employment → add scarcity → add more manufa­ctured economic woes → add unempl­oyment → add additional scarcity → add home forecl­osures → add poverty → add dependence on the state → End With Total Control

Begin with Good memory

Begin With Good Memory → add pharma­ceu­ticals → reduce memory → add heavy metals → reduce memory → add vaccines → reduce memory → add chemtrails → reduce memory → add chemic­als­/pe­sti­cides → reduce memory → add microw­ave­/el­ect­rom­agnetic bombar­dment → reduce memory → add more pharma­ceu­ticals → reduce memory → add fluoride → reduce memory → add artificial food additives → reduce memory → add GMO's → End With Bib Around Neck To Catch Drool


Is there any better way to control and herd a popula­tion? If we can't remember how it was before, then all will appear as it should be.
Is a prisoner that has been condit­ioned to believe that they are not a prisoner, still a prisoner?

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