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Principles from a very successful software company
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Intuit recently published their style system called Harmony 101. Apart from a styleguide and a pattern library it also consists of these design principles to guide the way Intuit's software is designed.

1 Be simple, easy to use, and guiding

1. Establish a familial resemb­lan­ce. Drive consis­tency and integr­ation in the experience to keep the journey seamless, familiar, and harmon­ious.
2. Maintain user context by staying in place. Prioritize in-line or modal viewing and editing over new views or contex­t-s­wit­ching.
3. Guide the user where approp­ria­te. Help users understand what to expect through progress charting and First Time Use tips. Provide useful views that guide toward common tasks.
Supp­orting Charac­ter­ist­ics
Reduce cognitive burden, Helpful, Guiding, Consis­tent, One SBG, Clear, Clean, Simple, Functional

2 Design for the customer and instill confidence

1. Be trustw­orthy and helpful. Auto-fill commonly requested inform­ation for the customer and provide insights to help users improve their business financ­ials.
2 .Imbue confid­ence. Avoid re-inv­enting the wheel; rely on familiar conven­tions when introd­ucing users to new tasks. Don’t leave the user hanging; provide dynamic feedback where possible.
Supp­orting Charac­ter­ist­ics
Confident, Approa­chable, Trustw­orthy, Soothing, Friendly, Warming

Design for Delight

3 Establish modern and iconic ownable moments

1. Define a standard person­ali­ty. Apply consis­tently across the Harmony suite of apps to provide unity and cohesion.
2. Celebrate unique tasks. Create ownable intera­ctions and visual expres­sions that are a familial extension of the design language.
3. Project a voice. Define consistent use of voice to inject fun into the user experi­ence.
4. Define ownable visual­iza­tio­ns. Use visual­iza­tions to compliment data, channel person­ality and provide stickiness in the experi­ence.
Supp­orting Charac­ter­ist­ics
Clean, Typogr­aphic, Crafted, Differ­ent­iated, Unique, Capita­lizes on Intuit Blue, Fun, Whimsical, Tactile

4 Celebrate data while respecting user & ....

Cele­brate data while respecting user & device context
1. Be smart and approp­riate for the task at hand. Use progre­ssive disclosure of data and inform­ation, provide real-time feedback, and simplify required steps in task flows.
2. Understand the broader contexts of use. Minimize chrome and embell­ish­ments; design for user custom­ization and person­ali­zation where approp­riate.
Supp­orting Charac­ter­ist­ics
Data is King, Context is Queen, Content over chrome, Insigh­tful, Custom­ized, Person­alized

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