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Key Questions When Administering Medications Cheat Sheet by

Key to avoiding medication dministration errors
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Key Questions

General Question
What Nurse needs to know
Who is the patient? This means: What is the patient's age, sex, and mental health and physical health status? Are there any factors that could contra­ind­icate this medication being admini­stered?
Ensure that the medication is approp­riate for the patient's needs, keeping in mind factors such as physio­logical issues (e.g., ability to absorb oral medica­tions), bioche­mical issues (e.g., other medica­tions the patient takes), and social factors (e.g., the patient's known religious or cultural prefer­ences) that may affect whether an ordered medication is approp­riate for a given patient.
Is this patient the same individual for whom the medication was ordered?
Avoid admini­stering the ordered medication to the wrong patient
What medication is to be delivered to this patient?
Ensure that the correct medication is admini­stered in accordance with the prescr­iption or orders of the prescr­iber.
What dose was requested on the medication order?
Ensure that the dose admini­stered is in accordance with the orders of the prescriber and allows cross-­che­cking that the dose ordered is approp­riate for patient needs.
When is the approp­riate time to administer this medica­tion?
Avoid admini­stering medication too freque­ntly, too infreq­uently, at inappr­opriate times of day, or in inappr­opriate combin­ation with another medica­tion.
What duration of admini­str­ation was ordered for this medica­tion?
Avoid delivering a medication for a longer or shorter duration than was ordered by the prescr­iber.
When did this patient last have a dose of this (or any) medica­tion?
Avoid overme­dic­ation or potential intera­ctions between medica­tions.
In what manner is this medication typically admini­stered?
Avoid selection of inappr­opriate delivery proced­ure­s(e.g., intram­uscular injection for a medication intended for intrav­enous delivery)
Which route of delivery was ordered for this patient?
Ensure that the medication is delivered via the route ordered by the prescr­iber.
Do any factors contra­ind­icate the ordered delivery route in this patient?
Avoid using inappr­opriate methods of medication delivery.
What condition is the medication intended to treat?
Avoid using medica­tions that are not indicated for a particular condition.
What is the response that is expected from the use of this medica­tion?
Ensuring that unexpected or unintended actions (e.g., medication allergy) are noted and treated as necessary in a timely fashion
Note: If any of these questions is overlooked before medication is admini­stered, the potential for a medication error increases.

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