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Every now and then, we are confronted by marketer with except­ional and effective email marketing. Kobo’s marketing emails are certainly extremely well executed. Among the masses of promot­ional email Kobo’s email campaigns stand out – and for good reason.

Time and again, Kobo has sent out emails that have consid­erably reduced the normal purchase cycle, triggering a reaction that results in users clicking a “Buy Now” button.

That one initial email allowed Kobo to collect detailed personal inform­ation for targeting. Most import­antly, it led to several purchases. It also demons­trated the team’s powerful grasp of the email marketing tools at their disposal and how to wield these for maximum effect. Here are some key takeaways that can improve your email marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways

Have a compelling subject line It was the 75% discount that really got me to click on the email.
Ensure the email content is relevant to your target audience – The campaign worked as well as it did because it was highly relevant to my interests.
Cons­istent branded look and feel – Across multi-­cha­nnels, the campaign retained a look and feel that was consistent with the brand, which reinforced the perception of the brand in my mind.
Add to Safe List option– Give customers a chance to tell you that they want to receive promot­ional emails from you, by giving them the option to add you to their safe list.
Conf­irm­ation opt-in and customer details – The email trivia campaign was a smart way for Kobo to collect personal customer details about me, which they could use to trigger repeated purchases by sending me a promo voucher on my birthday.
Clear call to action – Whether it was Play Now or Buy Now, Kobo’s single call-t­o-a­ction emails worked by channeling the customer to the intended destin­ation without other distra­ctions.
Use automated triggers – Kobo’s automated encour­agement for me to purchase the books I had previewed led to yet another sale that would not have happened otherwise.
Create an incentive for customer engage­ment – No matter how beauti­fully worded or designed an email is, customers will not engage if there is no incentive. In this case, my incentive was both a chance to test my knowledge and a discount off purchased books.
Refer a friend – Provide customers with an option to share news about your brand with friends. Customer referrals are a powerful testimony to leverage on.
Campaign deadli­nes – Ensure that customer has a sufficient length of time to take action on the promo offered in the campaign, but a short enough deadline that they have to take action quickly. In this particular campaign’s case, it was 10 days – 1 day for each trivia question.

eMail Marketing

Seven eMail Marketing Tips

A mass email marketing campaign is one of the best methods that a business can use to promote their product to new customers. If done properly you can produce a lot of money from this type of promot­ional method. Here are some simple steps to become successful in your marketing endeavors.

1. Deliver targeted messages
Delivering a lot of e-mails to people who are not involved in your product or service is called spamming. By only just intending your customers you will improve your sales and minimize the chances of spam obstru­cting software, restri­cting your messages.
2. Allow customers to easily opt-out
By permitting your customers to opt-out you enhance your trustw­ort­hiness, which will convert into better sales.
3. Choose the correct software
Selecting the right bulk e-mail software is important for the success of your business. The software must be simple to use and produce reports which you can employ to enhance your campaign.
4. Use an apparent call to action
Often email advert­isers make a beauti­fully crafted and written message, but overlook to describe a clear path for the client. Then, the customer does not understand which action to take. Thus, make use of a clear call to action in your e-mail.
5. Take advantage of the brand awaren­ess
Each email should evidently exhibit your brand name. This is signif­icant when it comes to recurring sales and brand reliab­ility.

Overall, mass email marketing has become an accepted tool to promote online business. It can help the business to keep in contact with the previous customers, enhancing the probab­ility for replicate purchase. As it is a very economical method of endorsing your business, you should ensure that you are doing everything feasible to make those emails go on with receiving them. Thus, mass mailing is an amazing tool for businesses big, medium, and small, and should be obtainable to everyone.

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