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The Kyocera Philosophy is a management philosophy developed by Dr. Kazuo Inamori which grew out of questi­oning and searching for his own answers about work and life. The Kyocera Philosophy is a philosophy of life acquired through experi­ence. Its basis is, "I believe this is the right way to live as a human being."­ This way of thinking has also been adopted by KDDI as the KDDI Philos­ophy, and by many of the member companies of Seiwaj­yuku. Here is an introd­uction to Kazuo Inamori's management philosophy — it is the starting point of manage­ment, and provides helpful decisi­on-­making criteria for all aspects of life.

The Twelve Management Principles

1. Clearly state the purpose and mission of your busine­ss. Set high objectives that are noble, just and fair.
2. Set specific goals. Once targets are set, share them with all employees.
3. Keep a passionate desire in your heart. Your desire must be strong and persistent to penetrate into your subcon­scious mind.
4. Strive harder than anyone else. Work steadily and dilige­ntly, one step at a time, never relenting in tedious tasks.
5. Maximize revenues and minimize expens­es. Measure your inflow and control your outflow; don't chase profit, but let it follow your effort.
6. Pricing is manage­ment. Pricing is top manage­ment's respon­sib­ility: to find that one point where customers are happy and the company is most profit­able.
7. Success is determined by willpo­wer. Business management requires a persis­tent, "­roc­k-p­ier­cin­g" will.
8. Possess a fighting spirit. Management requires a more combative mentality than any martial art.
9. Face every challenge with courage. Be fair and never deceive others.
10. Always be creative in your work. Innovate and improve contin­uously. Today should be better than yesterday; tomorrow, better than today.
11. Be kind and sincere. Business is based on partne­rships and must bring happiness to all parties.
12. Always be cheerful and positive; hold great dreams and hopes in the pureness of your heart.

Kyocera Philosophy

About Amoeba Management

Formul­ating an approp­riate amoeba organi­zation is the foundation of Amoeba Manage­ment. Simply subdiv­iding an organi­zation into small units is not suffic­ient.

The major points outlined here will determine the success or failure of Amoeba Manage­ment. The issue is how to subdivide a complex corporate organi­zation into Amoeba units. A good unders­tanding of the true state of the business is essential, and the organi­zations must be subdivided accord­ingly.

Three conditions must be met when dividing an organi­zation into successful amoeba units:
The first condition is that amoebas must have clearly definable revenues and cost of sales in order that they can be fiscally self-s­upp­orting.
The second condition is that amoebas must be self-c­ont­ained business units.
The third condition is that subdiv­ision of the organi­zation must support the goals and objectives of the company as a whole.

An amoeba can exist as an indepe­ndent unit only if these three conditions are met.

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