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There are more pressures on leaders today than ever before to perform and ensure their teams are perfor­ming. These expect­ations are often competing and therefore potent­ially depleting making it more important than ever for leaders to take time out to look at renewing, grounding and energising themselves in their role as a leader.

Let’s explore four key principles towards leadership renewal.

Keeping it Energized

These are the things that uplift you. Energising practices are typically personal, things that you reflect on, your goals and passions. Keeping it energised is to have a deep unders­tanding of your centre and your purpose. This is reviewing and living out your day in alignment to your goals and passions and to your core values. When we get busy as leaders, this is often the one that we let go of first. Taking regular time out to review what energises you and cultivate systems to build energy will assist you not drop the ball on this one.

Keeping it Grounded

Mindfu­lness starts with self-a­war­eness, knowing yourself enables you to make choices about how you respond to people and situat­ions. A deep knowledge about yourself enables you to be consis­tent, to present yourself authen­tic­ally. Grounding allows you to notice the subtle clues that tell you to attend carefully to self, others or your surrou­ndings. A mentor that I have in business explains it to me that being grounded is like a balancing act - balancing our experi­ences with our purpose, our emotions. This can also be framed as accept­ance, instead of struggling with certain thoughts and feelings accept and acknow­ledge this is how I'm feeling without the need to act.

Leadership Renewal

Keeping it Real

This one is real simple yet one that we can easily push to the side due to being too busy. Our bodies need certain things to function well. What do we need to keep healthy to feed our body the right things it needs to function well in the other areas? Exercise, relaxa­tion, rest and food are all needed to help our bodies cope well with stress, to think clearly and keep focused. When it comes to keeping it real, we often see this as too hard as we may have to make some changes to our life. There are some people that will jump into this one and do well to keep it a regular routine, others will jump in and will fade as things get busy.

If you think that’s you then start out by making increm­ental steps of change that can be mainta­ined. Simple steps and simple changes maintained consis­tently over time lead to big benefits. Keeping it real is very much about keeping this simple so that the daily practices we implement to keep healthy and well can be sustained over the long term. Keeping it real is really about self-l­ead­ership. The things we do and hold ourselves accoun­table for our own well-being and mainte­nance.

Keeping it Connected

Connection is about community and being in relati­onship with others. However, connec­tedness in the context of renewal isn’t about connection with the people you lead. It is this about cultiv­ating mutual connection with people that accept you for who you are, that speak into your life – it goes two ways. For leaders this is about having good coaches and mentors that can help shape your leadership as you grow, that are not afraid to speak truth and keep you accoun­table as a leader

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