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Conservative call to action in USA
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SO DISTANT IS AMERICA today from its founding principles that it is difficult to precisely describe the nature of American govern­ment. It is not strictly a consti­tut­ional republic, because the Consti­tution has been and continues to be easily altered by a judicial oligarchy that mostly enforces, if not expands, the Statist’s agenda. It is not strictly a repres­ent­ative republic, because so many edicts are produced by a maze of admini­str­ative depart­ments that are unknown to the public and detached from its sentiment. It is not strictly a federal republic, because the states that gave the central government life now live at its behest. What, then, is it? It is a society steadily transi­tioning toward statism. If the Conser­vative does not come to grips with the signif­icance of this transf­orm­ation, he will be devoured by it.

There is a dynamic to prudential change that makes impossible the production of a step-b­y-step guide to tactical actions fixed for all circum­stances and times. But tactical actions must be taken today, under known condit­ions, if the civil society is to survive tomorrow. Therefore, based on my own knowledge, observ­ations, and experi­ences, herewith are some of the hard things the Conser­vative will have to do if the nation is to improve:
Source: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

Note: Statism - In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both.


Eliminate the progre­ssive income tax—re­place it with a flat income tax or national sales tax—for its purpose is to redist­ribute wealth, not fund the consti­tut­ionally legitimate functions of the federal govern­ment. All residents of the country must be required to pay the tax so they have a stake in limiting its abuse.
Eliminate the automatic withho­lding of taxes, for it conceals the extent to which the federal government is confis­cating income from its citizens.
Eliminate the corporate income tax, for it is nothing more than double taxation on shareh­olders and consumers, and penalizes wealth and job creation.
Eliminate the death tax, for it denies citizens the right to confer the material value they have created during their lives to whomever they wish, including their family.
All federal income tax increases will require a superm­ajority vote of three-­fifths of Congress.
Limit federal spending each year to less than 20 percent of the gross domestic product.


Eliminate the special tax-exempt status granted to enviro­nmental groups, since they are not nonpar­tisan charitable founda­tions.
Eliminate special statutory authority granting enviro­nmental groups standing to bring lawsuits on behalf of the public, since their main purpose is to pursue the Statist’s agenda through litiga­tion.
Fight all efforts to use enviro­nmental regula­tions to set govern­mental industrial policies and diminish the nation’s standard of living, such as “cap-a­nd-­trade” to regulate “man-made climate change.”


Limit the Supreme Court’s judici­al-­review power, which far exceeds the Framers’ intent, by establ­ishing a legisl­ative veto over Court decisi­ons­—pe­rhaps a two-thirds superm­ajority vote of both houses of Congress, not dissimilar from the congre­ssional override authority of a presid­ential veto.
Eliminate lifetime tenure for federal judges, given the extra-­con­sti­tut­ional power they have amassed and their routine interv­ention in political and policy decisi­ons­—which the Consti­tution leaves to the repres­ent­ative branches.
No judicial nominee should be confirmed who rejects the jurisp­rudence of origin­alism.


Eliminate monopoly control of government education by applying the antitrust laws to the National Education Associ­ation and American Federation of Teachers; the monopoly is destru­ctive of quality education and compet­ition and is unresp­onsive to the taxpayers who fund it.
Eliminate tenure for government school­tea­chers and colleg­e/u­niv­ersity profes­sors, making them accoun­table for the quality of instru­ction they provide students.
Strip the statist agenda from curricula (such as multic­ult­uralism and global warming) and replace it with curricula that reinforce actual education and the preser­vation of the civil society through its core princi­ples.
Eliminate the federal Department of Education, since education is primarily a state and local function.


Eliminate chain migration, which grants control over immigr­ation policy to aliens and foreign govern­ments, and which the Statist defends to expand his electoral and admini­str­ative state consti­tuency.
Secure the nation’s borders and discourage those who violate them—i­llegal alien and citizen lawbreaker alike—by enforcing the immigr­ation laws.
End multic­ult­ura­lism, diversity, and biling­ualism in public instit­utions, which beget poverty, animosity, and ethnic balkan­iza­tion; promote assimi­lation and unity of citize­nship, allegiance to American culture, and English as the official national language.


Social Security is going bankrupt. Medicare is going bankrupt. Medicaid is going bankrupt. These programs and others have accumu­lated more than $50 trillion in IOUs due and payable by subsequent genera­tions. Educate the young people about the interg­ene­rat­ional trap the Statist has laid for them—which will steal their liberty, labor, opport­uni­ties, and wealth—and build a future electoral force for whom the elixir of entitl­ements is understood as poisonous snake oil. These programs were created in
politics and will have to be addressed in politics. Only in this way can they be contained, limited, and reformed.
Fight all efforts to nation­alize the health­-care system. National health care is the mother of all entitl­ement programs, for through it the Statist controls not only the material wealth of the individual but his physical well-b­eing. Remind the people that politi­cians and bureau­crats, about whom they are already cynical, will ultimately have the final say over their choice of doctors, hospitals, and treatm­ent­s—m­eaning the system will be politi­cized and bureau­cra­tized. Remind them that this human experiment has been tried and has failed in places like Britain and Canada, where patients have been subjected to arbitrary treatment decisions, long waiting periods for lifesaving surgeries, antiquated medical techno­logies, the denial of high-cost pharma­ceu­ticals available elsewhere, and the ineffi­cient rationing of health care generally. And remind them that despite past utopian promises, the Statist rarely delivers.


Ensure that all foreign policy decisions are made for the purpose of preserving and improving American society.
Reject all treaties, entang­lem­ents, instit­utions, and enterp­rises that have as their purpose the suppla­ntation of America’s best interests, including its physical, cultural, economic, and military sovere­ignty, to an amorphous “global” interest.
Ensure that America remains the world’s superp­ower. Ensure that at all times America’s military forces are prepared for war to dissuade attacks, encourage peace, and, if necessary, win any war.


Oppose all efforts to denude the nation of its founding justif­ica­tio­n—that is, God-given unalie­nable, natural rights that the government can neither confer on the individual nor deny to him. The Statist seeks the authority to do both, which explains his contempt for, or misuse of, faith. Moreover, faith provides the moral order that ties one generation to the next, and without which the civil society cannot survive.


Demand that all public servants, elected or appointed, at all times uphold the Consti­tution and justify their public acts under the Consti­tution.
Oppose all efforts to “const­itu­tio­nalize” the statist agenda.
Eliminate limits on and rationing of political free speech through uncons­tit­utional “campaign finance” laws, which benefit incumbent politi­cians, the media, unions, and other Statis­t-r­elated groups. Any American citizen or group of American citizens should be free to contribute to candidates as they wish, as long as the source, amount, and recipient of the contri­butions are made known.
Defeat all efforts to uncons­tit­uti­onally regulate the content of political speech on broadcast outlets, such as radio. The Statist now seeks to consol­idate the power he has accumu­lated by silencing noncom­pliant voices through a variety of schemes that would regulate broadcast content.

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