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LTPAC EHR Required Functions Cheat Sheet by

LTPAC EHR Required Functions
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Many of the functions required within the LTPAC EHR system align well with the standards establ­ished in the HL7 EHR-S and the CCHIT certif­ication process. While the high-level list below should cover most of the LTPAC care settings, there will be variab­ility in function specifics, process, protocol and workflow.

Community Integr­ation

eDischarge integr­ation (up + downst­ream)
Intake assess­ment, triage, placement
Admission, quick-­admit
Direct­ives, consents, author­iza­tions
Discharge evalua­tion, readiness, transition

Care Delivery

Patient profile, snapshot, dashboard
Patient verifi­cation (including 5Rs)
History, vitals, ht-wt, allergies, immuni­zations
Assess­ments + evalua­tions, MDS
Care plans, guidelines and protocols
Progress notes and reports
Physician H&P, NP, CPOE, author­ization
Decision support
Food & nutrition, dietary
Medication admini­str­ation, Rx-int­egr­ation
Therapy (PT, OT, ST, RT)
Radiology, order, result­s-i­nte­gration
Lab, order, result­s-i­nte­gration
Biomedical device data capture
Paper & non-native document capture
Patien­t-c­entered scheduling


Quality measur­ement & outcomes
Customer reporting & analytics
Capitation and risk management


Episodes, services, encoun­ters, coding
Eligib­ility, author­iza­tion, re-aut­hor­ization
Ancillary charge import
Billing, statements
AR, denials manage­ment, collec­tions
Cash receipt, posting
Transa­ction cleari­nghouse integr­ation


Care Team commun­ica­tion, secured texting


Patient and respon­sible party commun­ication
Medical record access, distri­bution
EHR on-line access
Patient progress reporting


Alerts; operat­ional + clinical
Event management
Remote monitoring by internal audit
CMS audit access

System Foundation

Single integrated EMR repository
Security, privacy, audit
User identity manage­ment, single sign-on
Libraries, classi­fic­ations, direct­ories
HIE, hospital and provider exchange
Web-In­ternet access­ible, mobility
Backup, recovery, operations management
Back-o­ffice integr­ation; HR, GL

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