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M1340 Is it a Surgical Wound Cheat Sheet by

M1340 Is it a Surgical Wound
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A surgical “takedown” or reversal of a previo­uso­stomy, which creates a wound
Orthopedic pin sites·
Abscess treated with incision and drain only if a drain has been placed·
Central line sites, Mediport sites, portacath sites, implanted venous access device (even if the implan­tation site has healed.)
Device does not need to be functional or accessed.
Implanted infusion device (even if the device is not presently functi­onal)
Peritoneal dialysis catheter, AV shunt (even if abandoned)
Muscle flap, skin advanc­ement flap, or rotational flap to surgically replace a pressure ulcer
Shave, punch, or excisional biopsy to remove­/di­agnose lesions
Skin graft donorsite
Skin graft applied to a burn or a pressure ulcer
Surgical procedure performed via arthro­scopy
Total surgical excision of pressure ulcer damage
Parace­ntesis site (if drain placed) x
I&D with drain placement
Wounds with drain placement (even after the drain is removed, the drain opening was created percut­ane­ously or the drain was inserted into a puncture site, such as a stab wound or parace­ntesis )
Procedures beyond I&D such as excision of necrotic mass, mesh, or other appliances or structures (beyond simple I&D)
Surgical repair of traumatic injury such as ruptured organs, torn tendons, ligaments, or muscles, and fractures (beyond simple suture of traumatic lacera­tion)
LVAD exit site
Incision or “cut down ” created to perform procedure per femoral sheath
Incision site until healed for pacemaker, internal defrib­ril­lator, VP shunt, balloon cathetar
Procedure beyond a simple excision of toenail


All ostomies (openings that end in stomy” with or without a drain)
An ostomy site closing on its own (without surgical reversal)
Chest tube site with or without a drain/tube
The surgical line around a fresh ostomy stoma (the peristomal or mucocu­taneous suture line)
Debrid­ement (does not change a burn, pressure ulcer, stasis ulcer, or traumatic wound into a surgical wound)
Simple I&D of an abscess Simple closure of a traumatic laceration by sutures or stitches
Cardiac cathet­eri­zation performed via needle puncture (even if stent placed)
PICCs (even if insertion required fluoro­scopy)
Implanted pacema­ker­s/i­nternal defibr­ill­ato­rs(­after original incision has healed)
External infusion device infusing meds SQ
Arthro­cen­tesis, thorac­ent­esis, and parace­ntesis sites utilized for simple aspiration of fluid
I&D with bone biopsy within a diabetic foot ulcer
Peripheral IVs sutured in place
Pressure ulcer sutured shut
Cataract surgery
Surgery to mucosal membrane
Gyneco­logical surgery via vaginal approach
Skin graft recipient site (unless it already qualifies as a surgical wound on OASIS, such as a grafted pressure ulcer or a grafted burn)
Entero­cut­aneous fistula
Pressure ulcers treated with surgical debrid­ement
Abscess that has been incise­d/d­rained without placement of drain
Surgeries to mucous membranes
VP shunt after original incision heals
Removal of callus
Removal or simple excision of toenail
Needle puncture sites without a drain
Needle aspiration of fluid without drain placement

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