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Make Your Organization More Diverse Cheat Sheet by

How to Make Your Organization More Diverse in 9 Steps
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A real challenge facing organi­zat­ional management in the contem­porary workplace, however, is the “how-tos” in leveraging intern­al/­ext­ernal diversity in their organi­zations within the new social, cultural, political, and economic contexts at the local, regional, national, and intern­ational levels. Here are tips to help your organi­zation encourage diversity and transform the workplace culture to climb new heights of success.

Want the organi­zation to be more diverse?

Step 1-9

1. Make a strategic plan
for increasing diversity throughout your organi­zation with measurable goals.
2. Make a commit­ment.
This requires the support and the financial resources necessary to monitor the program and make changes as needed to achieve results.
3. Start at the top of the organi­zation, the bottom and everywhere else. Diversity in the C-suite is insuff­icient. The value of diversity must be embedded in all levels of an organi­zation, in all programs and within the culture.
4. Create a diverse selection commit­tee.
Members of a homoge­neous group are likely to only consider people who look like themse­lves.
5. Walk your talk.
Often an organi­zation will bring in a panel of diverse candid­ates, but when it comes to crunch time, they choose a “safe” candidate, meaning one who looks like the individual he or she is replacing.
6. Do not assume that progress will happen as the health care workforce becomes more diverse.
Need proof? The vast majority of health care employees are female, but women do not dominate health system C-suites and boardr­ooms.
7. Do not engage in window dressi­ng.
As a recruiter, I can vouch for the fact that it is hard to retain and recruit diverse leaders if they sense that their ‘parti­cip­ation’ is only symbolic,” Bohne says. “They expect meanin­gful, rewarding roles and will take their talents elsewhere if need be to get them.”
8. Mentor for success.
Women, minorities and other diverse indivi­duals who move into board and executive roles need support and consul­tation and coaching from people in those positions.
9. Check Organi­zat­ion.
Use employee engagement surveys to see whether your organi­zat­ion’s diverse workers are truly engaged with the health system.


Making Your Organi­zation More Diverse

1. Assess and define meanings of diversity applicable to your enviro­nment. Establish scope, context, forms, and implic­ations of diversity in your organi­zation for various stakeh­old­ers in terms of age, color, culture, disabi­lities (physi­cal­/me­ntal), education, income, language, marital status, national origins, pregnancy, race/e­thn­icity, religion, sex, sexual orient­ati­on/­gender identity, veteran status, and other differ­ences.

2. Develop ‘scena­rios’ docume­nting challenges experi­enced as a result of each other’s assump­tions, beliefs, behaviors, biases, prejud­ices, and values. Help stakeh­olders unders­tan­d/a­ddress challenges owing to diversity at the demogr­aphic, cognit­ive­/be­hav­ioral, organi­zat­ion­al/­str­uct­ural, and global levels of analysis. Critically reflect on how the challenges encoun­tered owing to the organi­zat­ion’s diversity prevent growth and hinder your organi­zation.

3. Conduct a SWOT analysis (stren­gth­s-w­eak­nes­ses­-op­por­tun­iti­es-­thr­eats) involving various stakeh­olders in your organi­zation and establish collab­orative ranking of their responses regarding matters of divers­ity. Identify themes, catego­ries, and positive actions needed in areas such as interc­ultural commun­ication and cross-­cul­tural manage­ment, race relations, gender discri­min­ation and sexual harass­ment, recrui­tment and marketing, employment law, use of emerging techno­logies, amongst others.

4. Identify benefits of diversity and how to integrate those towards organi­zat­ional success in your agency’s mission, vision, goals, and object­ives. Analyze the resources and actions required to meet your organi­zat­ion’s goals and objectives within an immediate, short-­term, and long-term timeline.

5. Propose strategic diversity solutions as a holist­ically planned activity in the life of your organi­zat­ion. Practical managerial efforts may include a compre­hensive strategic action plan on diversity, diversity statements and policy, diversity toolkit, diversity awareness workshops, sensit­ivity training, etc.

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