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Marketing: Ways to Use Gift Cards Cheat Sheet by

Marketing ideas using Gift Cards
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Introd­uction: How the Gift Cards Work

The gift cards are viewed to be much more valuable than a simple coupon or a discount – or even a free monitoring offer. They look like a real gift card and, for all practical purposes, customers treat them like a real gift card.

The only difference is the security dealer gives the card specific uses, for example, “good for new security instal­lation or security upgrades, one use only, not valid with other offers.” This is spelled out on the back of the card to keep the offer from getting abused.

The gift cards can come in different dollar amounts: $25, $50, $100 or something else depending on the different security client segments you are targeting. Then you hand out the gift cards to your clients.

Reside­ntial clients, for example, would get $25 gift cards to distribute among family and friends. Commercial clients and high-end reside­ntial homeow­ners, on the other hand, may get $50 or $100 gift cards to give out. It all depends on your budget and what you’re comfor­table offering.

The back of the card should have a few discla­imers, as stated earlier, as well as contact inform­ation, or course.

Gift Card



1. Pass them out to commercial and reside­ntial clients. Here is where the difference in dollar value on the gift card comes in. For reside­ntial clients, we typically give them the $25 value gift cards; for high-end reside­ntial clients, we give them the $50 gift cards; for commercial clients, we typically give them the $50 or $100 value cards – depending on the value of their projects or purchases.

2. Pass them out to businesses who can refer you to their clients. Pass out the $25 gift cards to related businesses in the service industry –many of whom you probably already have a relati­onship with, including realtors, builders, plumbers, mechanics, maid services, property managers, restau­rants, etc. You can hand out a stack of the gift cards at their offices or send a few to them in the mail along with a note that gives the benefits of how you can help them make their customers happy by giving them a little gift (your gift card). Also, think about the businesses that your business frequents (and where you pay your hard earned money), like your mechanic, plumber, electr­ician, restau­rants, coffee shops, etc. All of these places should have a stack of your gift cards, placed in key locations for their customers to access. If they know you are a frequent customer, they will be happy to oblige.

3. Hand them out at networking events. Why give out plain old business cards when you can give out gift cards? Go to networking groups as the bearer of gifts!

4. Distribute them in high-end neighb­orh­oods. Mail out a $100 gift card (or up the ante and do $250 to big spenders) to high-end homeowners with a letter that lists the compelling protection benefits of your Platinum Concierge Services.

5. Include them in doorknob hanging packets or combo coupon mailers. You can include $25 or $50 gift cards in the doorknob hanger packets or the combo coupon packets that get mailed to reside­ntial neighb­orh­oods.

6. Mass email your clients and prospects with a special offer. Include an image of the gift card and ask the recipients to share the gift card with family, friends or collea­gues.

7. Post pictures of the gift card on your social media channe­ls. Post a picture of the front of the gift card on your social media sites for folks to use. You may want to include an expiration date to get folks to use the card ASAP.

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