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MDS Mobility & Self-Care Assessments Cheat Sheet by

MDS Mobility & Self-Care Assessments
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The Mobility Assessment items

Roll left and right
Sit to lying
Lying to sitting on side of bed
Sit to stand
Chair/­bed­-to­-chair transfer
Toilet transfer
Car transfer
Walk 10 feet
Walk 50 feet with two turns
Walk 150 feet
Walking 10 feet on uneven surfaces
1 step (curb)
GG0170N1 4 steps
GG0170O1 12 steps.
Picking up object
The Mobility Assessment items used for admission Mobility score calcul­ations are:

Valid codes and code defini­tions

01 – Dependent
02 – Substa­nti­al/­maximal assistance
03 – Partia­l/m­oderate assistance
04 – Superv­ision or touching assistance
05 – Setup or clean-up assistance
06 – Indepe­ndent
07 – Patient refused
09 – Not applicable
10 – Not attempted due to enviro­nmental limita­tions
88 – Not attempted due to medical condition or safety concerns
^ – Skip pattern
– – Not assess­ed/no inform­ation

To obtain the Mobility Score

If code is between 01 and 06, then use code as the score for each Mobility item.
If code is 07, 09, 10, or 88, then recode to 01 and use this code as the score for the Mobility Item.
If the mobility item is skipped (^), dashed (-), or missing, recode to 01 and use this code as the score.
Sum the scores of the admission mobility items to create an admi­ssion mobility score for each resident stay. Scores can range from 15 – 90, with a higher score indicating greater indepe­ndence.

Admission Self-Care Score

Calculate the admission Self-Care Score by using the admission Self-Care Score items and valid codes as identified below:

The Self-Care Assessment items used for Admission Self-Care Score Calcul­ations are:
1. Eating
2. Oral Hygiene
3. Toileting Hygiene
4. Shower­/Bathe Self
5. Upper Body Dressing
6. Lower Body Dressing
7. Putting on/taking off Footwear

Sum the Scores of the admission self-care items to create an admission self-care score for each stay-level record.
Scores can range from 7 to 42, with a higher score indicating greater indepe­ndence.

Discharge Self-Care score

Calculate the Discharge Self-Care score using the Discharge Self-Care score items and valid codes, for the same self-care areas as the admission items.

A resident is excluded if any of the following are true:
1. Resident has an incomplete stay:
Length of stay is less than 3 days: Discharge Date – Admission Date is less than 3 days.
Resident discharged against medical advice (AMA).
Resident died while in facility.
Medical Emergency: Patient’s discharge destin­ation: Short-term General Hospital, Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH), Inpatient Psychi­atric Facility, Critical Access Hospital
Patents discharged directly to another IRF: Another Inpatient Rehabi­lit­ation Facility.

2. The resident is indepe­ndent with all self-care and/or mobility activities at the time of admission.

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