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Misophonia Activation Scale (MAS-1) Cheat Sheet by

The Misophonia Activation Scale (MAS-1)
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The Misophonia Activation Scale (MAS-1) is intended to guide clinicians and patients in assessing the severity of a sufferer's condition. It concen­trates on physical and emotional reactions to a particular misophonic trigger. It makes little reference to the status of the trigger person, i.e., as a known trigger or otherwise

Misophonia Activation Scale

Person with misophonia hears a known trigger sound but feels no discom­fort.
Person with misophonia is aware of the presence of a known trigger person but feels no, or minimal, antici­patory anxiety.
Known trigger sound elicits minimal psychic discom­fort, irritation or annoyance. No symptoms of panic or fight or flight response.
Person with misophonia feels increasing levels of psychic discomfort but does not engage in any physical response. Sufferer may be hyper-­vig­ilant to audio-­visual stimuli.
Person with misophonia engages in a minimal physical response - non-co­nfr­ont­ational coping behavi­ours, such as asking the trigger person to stop making the noise, discreetly covering one ear, or by calmly moving away from the noise. No panic or flight or flight symptoms exhibited.
Person with misophonia adopts more confro­nta­tional coping mechan­isms, such as overtly covering their ears, mimicking the trigger person, engaging in other echola­lias, or displaying overt irrita­tion.
Person with misophonia experi­ences substa­ntial psychic discom­fort. Symptoms of panic, and a fight or flight response, begin to engage.
Person with misophonia experi­ences substa­ntial psychic discom­fort. Increasing use (louder, more frequent) use of confro­nta­tional coping mechan­isms. There may be unwanted sexual arousal. Sufferer may re-imagine the trigger sound and visual cues over and over again, sometimes for weeks, months or even years after the event
Person with misophonia experi­ences substa­ntial psychic discom­fort. Some violence ideation.
Panic/rage reaction in full swing. Conscious decision not to use violence on trigger person. Actual flight from vicinity of noise and/or use of physical violence on an inanimate object. Panic, anger or severe irritation may be manifest in sufferer's demeanour.
Actual use of physical violence on a person or animal (i.e., a household pet). Violence may be inflicted on self (self-­har­ming).

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