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Moderate Your Alcohol Intake Cheat Sheet by

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake
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When most people think about the dangers of alcohol, they think about damage to organs like the liver. But alcohol has a part to play in heart disease and stroke too.

Alcohol contains calories just like food, but has no nutrit­ional value.
Alcohol also reduces the amount of fat our bodies can burn.

Because we cannot store alcohol our bodies must get rid of it, so our bodies make this process a priority. Therefore, other processes such as absorbing nutrients and burning fat are forced to slow down

Calories and Physical Affects

The alcohol we drink is often equivalent to a second meal, but with no added benefit to it. It is no wonder alcohol makes us put on weight!

As well as affecting your weight, if you drink too much, over time this can increase your blood pressure, choles­terol and trigly­ceride levels.

Being overwe­ight, high blood pressure and high choles­terol all increase your chances of developing cardio­vas­cular illness.

Calories in Alcohol

Food Equiva­lent
3 pints of lager
546 kca
2 Slices of pepperoni pizza
3 bottles of alcopops
510 kcal
Large fries
2 pints of cider
432 kcal
Chicken fillet burger
2 large glasses of red wine
450 kcal
Blueberry muffin
1 vodka & energy drink
139 kcal
4 Cheese burgers


Recomm­ended Daily Units

Alco­holic Bevera­ges
Pint of normal strength beer
Pint of cider
1 measure (35ml) spirits
Bottle of alcopop
Medium (175ml) glass of wine
Half a bottle of wine
1) The number of units in a drink depends on the strength and size of the drink, but roughly:
2) There is no completely safe limit for alcohol as everyone’s body is different. Men and women should not drink more than 14 units per week and should also have some alcohol free days each week

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