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Nurse Competencies for Nursing Home Culture Change Cheat Sheet by

Nursing Competencies for Cultural Change
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In 2008, the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, in collab­oration with the Coalition of Geriatric Nursing Organi­zations and Pioneer Network, convened an interd­isc­ipl­inary Expert Panel of leaders in culture change and in geront­olo­gical nursing to explore and make recomm­end­ations about the role of nurses with regard to nursing home culture change. An issue paper, Nurses Involv­ement in Nursing Home Culture Change: Overcoming Barriers, Advancing Opport­unities (www.h­art­for­dig­n.o­rg/­pol­icy­/po­sit­ion­_pa­per­s_b­riefs), provided several recomm­end­ations, one of which was to develop a set of compet­encies for licensed nurses in nursing homes to promote and facilitate
person­-di­rected care and culture change in their organi­zat­ions. This recomm­end­ation recognizes the important role nurses play in an organi­zat­ion’s nursing home culture change transf­orm­ation and ensuring high quality care and life for residents.

A core group of nurses with expertise in nursing home culture change were charged to address this recomm­end­ation. The group reviewed existing compet­encies for nurses and other discip­lines in long-term care and care of older adults. They consulted with nurse experts, actively engaged in the work of culture change and considered role models, to identify the compet­encies. Ten compet­encies were finalized after extensive input from nurses throughout
the country via a survey that proposed 39 compet­encies. The 10 compet­encies are those seemed most relevant and critical for nurses to be successful in creating and sustaining person­-di­rected care.

The 10 compet­encies are specific to nursing home culture change. There are existing geriatric nursing compet­encies that were developed and shared in 2000 by the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing and the American Associ­ation of Colleges in Nursing (AACN). The 10 compet­encies build on this body of knowledge.
Developed through a collab­oration of Pioneer Network and Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, 2010, www.Pi­one­erN­etwork.

Compet­encies for SNF Culture Change

Models, teaches and utilizes effective commun­ication skills such as active listening, giving meaningful feedback, commun­icating ideas clearly, addressing emotional behaviors, resolving conflict and unders­tanding the role of diversity in commun­ication
Creates systems and adapts daily routines and “perso­n-d­ire­cted” care practices to accomm­odate resident prefer­ences 3. Views self as part of team, not always as
Views self as part of team, not always as the leader
Evaluates the degree to which person­-di­rected care practices exist in the care team and identify and addresses barriers to person directed care
Views the care setting as the residents’ home and works to create attributes of home
Creates a system to maintain consis­tency of caregivers for residents
Exhibits leadership charac­ter­istics/ abilities to promote person­-di­rected care
Role models person­-di­rected care
Problem solves complex medica­l/p­syc­hos­ocial situations related to resident choice and risk
Facili­tates team members including residents and families, in shared proble­m-s­olving, decisi­on-­making, and planning

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