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Nursing Diagnosis NIC NOC Cheat Sheet by

List of Nursing Intervention codes
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NANDA Intern­ational (NANDA-I), the Nursing Interv­entions Classi­fic­ation (NIC) and the Nursing Outcomes Classi­fic­ation (NOC) are compre­hen­sive, resear­ch-­based, standa­rdized classi­fic­ations of nursing diagnoses, nursing interv­entions and nursin­g-s­ens­itive patient outcomes.

The Nursing Diagnosis are used to develop the patient Care Plan, which contain the Interv­entions ((tasks) need to produce the expected Outcomes.

NIC codes 1-25

01. Activity intole­rance
02. Ineffe­ctive Airway clearance
03. Latex Allergy response
04. Risk for latex Allergy response
05. Anxiety
06. Risk for Aspiration
07. Risk for impaired parent­/in­fan­t/child Attachment
08. Disturbed Body image
09. Bowel incont­inence
10. Ineffe­ctive Breast­feeding
11. Ineffe­ctive Breathing pattern
12. Decreased Cardiac output
13. Caregiver role strain
14. Impaired Comfort
15. Impaired verbal Commun­ication
16. Parental role Conflict
17. Acute Confusion
18. Chronic Confusion
19. Consti­pation
20. Ineffe­ctive Coping
21. Compro­mised family Coping
22. Ineffe­ctive Denial
23. Diarrhea
24. Disturbed Energy field
25. Adult Failure to thrive

NIC codes 26-50

26. Risk for Falls
27. Dysfun­ctional Family processes: alcoholism
28. Fatigue
29. Fear
30. Deficient Fluid volume
31. Excess Fluid volume
32. Impaired Gas exchange
33. Grieving
34. Antici­patory Grieving
35. Dysfun­ctional Grieving
36. Delayed Growth and develo­pment
37. Ineffe­ctive Health mainte­nance
38. Hopele­ssness
39. Hypert­hermia
40. Functional urinary Incont­inence
41. Total urinary Incont­inence
42. Risk for Infection
43. Risk for Injury
44. Deficient Knowledge (specify)
45. Readiness for enhanced Knowledge (specify)
46. Impaired Memory
47. Impaired physical Mobility
48. Nausea
49. Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requir­ements
50. Imbalanced Nutrition: more than body requir­ements

NIC codes 51-75

51. Impaired Oral mucous membrane
52. Acute Pain
53. Chronic Pain
54. Impaired Parenting
55. Risk for Peripheral neurov­ascular dysfun­ction
56. Post-t­rauma syndrome
57. Powerl­essness
58. Impaired Religi­osity
59. Bathin­g/h­ygiene Self-care deficit
60. Feeding Self-care deficit
61. Risk for situat­ional low Self-e­steem
62. Disturbed Sensory perception specify: visual, auditory, kinest­hetic, gustatory, tactile, olfactory
63. Impaired Skin integrity
64. Disturbed Sleep pattern
65. Spiritual distress
66. Risk for Suicide
67. Delayed Surgical recovery
68. Impaired Swallowing
69. Ineffe­ctive Therap­eutic regimen management
70. Disturbed Thought processes
71. Impaired Tissue integrity
72. Ineffe­ctive Tissue perfusion specify type: renal, cerebral, cardio­pul­monary, gastro­int­est­inal, peripheral
73. Impaired Urinary elimin­ation
74. Urinary retention
75. Wandering

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