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Nursing Home Services Checklist Cheat Sheet by

What services nursing homes should be providing
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Many senior citizens will be in need of a nursing home. This checklist provides a list of services that should be available to the residents. Use this list to compare the services offered with the services that will be needed to care for the resident. Not all facilities provide all the services listed.

Primary Care Services

At least 1 physician, Nurse Practi­tioner, or Physician Assistant at the facility 3 or more days per week.
Hospital Admissions Agreement
Physician Group
Short Term Rehabi­lit­ation

Nursing Services

Accuchecks for Glucose per shift
Daily Weights (monitor for Wgt loss)
Frequent Vital Signs (e.g. every 2 hrs)
Incentive Spirometry
INR Testing
Interdisciplinary Care Planning
Monitoring Intake & Output (I&O)
Nebulizer treatments
O2 Saturation
Private Nurses

Onsite Therap­ies


Social & Psychology Services

Licensed Social Worker
Psychological Evalua­tio­n/C­oun­seling by a Licensed Clinical Psycho­logist
Religious Services


Advanced CPR (ACLS capabi­lity)
Analgesic Pumps
Automatic Defibr­illator
IV Fluids (initi­ation and mainte­nance)
IV Antibi­otics
IV Meds – Other (e.g. furose­mide)
Isolation ( for MRSA, VRE, etc…)
PICC Insertion
PICC Management
Surgical Drain Management
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
Tracheostomy Management

Diag­nostic Testing

Bladder Ultrasound
Cardiac Echo
Stat lab tests with turnaround less than 8 hours
Stat X-rays with turnaround less than 8 hours
Swallow Studies
Venous Doppler

Cons­ult­ation Services

Wound Care
Other Physician Specialty

Pharmacy Services

Emergency common medica­tions for acute conditions available
New medica­tions filled within 8 hrs
Compounding Services

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