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O Sensei: Rules for Training Cheat Sheet by

Akido School Rules & Points
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1. Aikido decides life and death in a single strike, so students must carefully follow the instru­ctor’s teaching and not compete to see who is the strongest.
2. Aikido is the way that teaches how one can deal with several enemies. Students must train themselves to be alert not just to the front, but to all sides and the back.
3. Training should always be conducted in a pleasant and joyful atmosp­here.
4. The instructor teaches only one small aspect of the art. Its versatile applic­ations must be discovered by each student through incessant practice and training.
5. In daily practice first begin by moving your body and then progress to more intensive practice. Never force anything unnatu­rally or unreas­onably. If this rule is followed, then even elderly people will not hurt themselves and they can train in a pleasant and joyful atmosp­here.
6. The purpose of Aikido is to train mind and body and to produce sincere, earnest people. Since all the techniques are to be transm­itted person­-to­-pe­rson, do not randomly reveal them to others, for this might lead to their being used by hoodlums.

Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba's addendum

1. Proper Aikido can never be mastered unless one strictly follows the instru­ctor's teaching.
2. Aikido as a martial art is perfected by being alert to everything going on around us and leaving no vulnerable opening (suki).
3. Practice becomes joyful and pleasant once one has trained enough not to be bothered by pain.
4. Do not be satisfied by what is taught at the dojo. one must constantly digest, experiment and develop what one has learned.
5. One should never force things unnatu­rally or unreas­onably in practice. One should undertake training suited to his body, physical condition and age.
6. The aim of aikido is to develop the truly human self. It should not be used to display ego.

O Sensei

Morihei Ueshiba’s Six Rules

The Founder of Aikido penned (or brushed) "Six Rules of Training.” These were often displayed on the wall of a dojo. At a cursory glance, they may appear simple. Don’t be deceived by their brevity; however, Because of their succin­ctness and apparent simpli­city, it may be possible that these vital admoni­tions have been largely overlooked or have not been considered with the seriou­sness they deserve

Morihei Ueshiba’s Six Rules of Practice

Point 1: Cautions on the real and present risk of injury and death during training and highlights the instru­ctor’s primary role as a keeper of safety. It disparages compet­ition.
Point 2: Emphasizes multiple attack training as a key component of Aikido practice.
Point 3: Exhorts a positive frame of mind.
Point 4: Adjures the vital importance of self-r­eli­ance, self-m­oti­vation and proper explor­ation of the art, whilst accent­uating the relative signif­icance of an instru­ctor.
Point 5: Spotlights the importance of warming up and modulating intensity approp­ria­tely.
Point 6: Highlights the body-mind connec­tion, the secret nature of true aiki, the unique method of direct transm­ission and sincerity of purpose being a requir­ement. It also cautions on the value of discretion and prohibits revealing Aikido’s secrets to bad charac­ters.

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