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Obstacles to eMail Marketing Cheat Sheet by

Obsitcles to Successful eMail marketing
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Email marketing is thriving, though it doesn't mean there are not challenges out there. Below are the top eight biggest enemies of a successful email marketing campaign

This startup makes it easy to “unsub­scribe” from emails, though it really just pushes them to a folder where users won't see and interact with them. So the person remains in your database but never sees your emails, messing with your open rate.

Creative lag

Technology provides great tools for triggering re-tar­geting emails based on web, social and even in-store activity of targets. But what's the point if you're just going to blast the same message in response?

Lack of proofing and quality control

Not all enemies are external. While marketing depart­ments can create overkill by having ten people review an email before it's sent, the opposite - one person creates and sends - is much more disastrous for a business.

A dirty database

There's no use emailing a customer when you have their long-f­org­otten email address or there's a typo in the self-e­ntered data. That's why it's important for marketers to clean their databases regularly and ensure that all of their data is up-to-date and accurate. Failing to do so can result in a waste of time and resources.

No scheduling checks and balances

Sometimes, there are multiple depart­ments or multiple indivi­duals working with the same database. When there isn't sound scheduling or commun­ica­tion, the result can be multiple emails going to the same audience within minutes or hours of each other.

Gmail filtering

Gmail rarely introduces a feature that so dramat­ically impacts a user's inbox, but when it introduced filtering, effect­ively presorting emails into a main inbox, social, and promot­ions, it moved marketing messages further away from recipients eyeballs.


Disposable email

A google search finds dozens of companies that churn out random emails you can use to give to companies and organi­zations that require one to conduct business with you.

The emergence of chat

While Millen­nials still prefer to hear from brands via email, there is no doubt that chat apps like WhatApp, Facebook Messenger, and others threaten to monopolize users' commun­ica­tions activi­ties. Chat and other fricti­onless commun­ica­tions threaten the time spent in inbox and will continue to do so.

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