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Organi­zation Develo­pment (OD) is the systematic applic­ation of behavioral science knowledge at various levels, such as group, inter-­group, organi­zation, etc., to bring about planned change (Newstrom, Davis, 1993). Its objectives are a higher quality of work-life, produc­tivity, adapta­bility, and effect­ive­ness. It accomp­lishes this by changing attitudes, behaviors, values, strate­gies, proced­ures, and structures so that the organi­zation can adapt to compet­itive actions, techno­logical advances, and the fast pace of change within the enviro­nment.

7 Charac­ter­istics of OD

Humanistic Values: Positive beliefs about the potential of employees (McGre­gor's Theory Y).
Systems Orient­ati­on: All parts of the organi­zation, to include structure, techno­logy, and people, must work together.
Experiential Learni­ng: The learners' experi­ences in the training enviro­nment should be the kind of human problems they encounter at work. The training should NOT be all theory and lecture, but rather provide experi­ences that create learning opport­uni­ties.
Problem Solving: Problems are identi­fied, data is gathered, corrective action is taken, progress is assessed, and adjust­ments in the problem solving process are made as needed. This process is known as Action Research.
Contingency Orient­ati­on: Actions are selected and adapted to fit the need.
Change Agent: Stimulate, facili­tate, and coordinate change.
Levels of Interv­ent­ions: Problems can occur at one or more level in the organi­zation so the strategy will require one or more interv­ent­ions.
There are seven charac­ter­istics of OD (Newstrom, Davis, 1993):

Organi­zation Develo­pment

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