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Patriots Voting Coalition Planks Cheat Sheet by

Patriots Voting Coalition Planks
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We started with Veterans, Police Officers and Firefi­ghters to form a Voting Coalition in support of the newly elected President. All eligible voters were welcome to join. So many other Patriots joined, we changed our name to the Patriots Voting Coalit­ion!.

We focus on identi­fying RINOs who keep blocking the President.
​There's no cost to join. Are you in?

You don't have to be in either of the groups below; you need only be a Conser­vative Trump supporter. MAGA
Source: Patriots Voting Coalition / The Patriots Party

Planks 1 - 15

1. National Voter Id . Federal Law needed. Currently the states are respon­sible for their Voting Process. Democrat controlled states issue Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses. While it is Illegal for a non-ci­tizen to vote in a Presid­ential election, is may not be for local elections! Federal Election vs. State Laws. Obviously, this allows for fraud.
2. 6-Month Welfare Limit To stay on longer they must work on public farm to grow food to replace food stamps.
3. Build the Wall. Use Extreme Vetting to keep citizens safe.
4. Enforce Fines for Hiring Illegal Aliens. Zero tolerance. No job availa­bility would make some leave on their own.
5. Reinst­itute the Military Draft Two year mandatory service right after high school. In return they get four years of paid college.
6. Reduce foriegn Aid by 50%. Use that money to pay for missile defense system that was originally planned for Eastern Europe.
7. Build the Military Increase troop numbers and equipment.
8. Return to Pre-Ob­amaCare Healthcare System. Institute requir­ement to create a pre-ex­isting conditions pool and eliminate catast­rophic cap.
9. Balanced Budget Amendm­ent
10. Flat Tax Eliminate IRS. Treasury collects tax.
11. Eliminate Federal Department of Education (DOE). Let states handle their own education.
12. Congre­ssional Term Limits 2 four year terms;** we don't need career politi­cians, we need civil servants!
13. English the National Language No longer print government documents in other languages. Every citizen must learn English.
14. Defund Planned Parenthood and the United Nations.
15. End Chain Migration and Lottery Immigr­ati­on.


Planks 16 - 27

16. Reinst­itute Prayer & Pledge of Allegi­ance
17. Enact Laws to Stop Social Media e.g. Twitter, FaceBook, et al, from elimin­ating followers or blocking message because of content. They must find a way to pass it without interf­ering with the 1st Amendment.
18. Eliminate Affirm­ative Action and preference hiring or promotion. System must be MERIT based only.
19. Mandatory Death Penalty for Killing a Police Officer.
20. Mandatory Death Penalty for Convicted CHILD Molest­ation where Victim is under 12 years old.
21. Restore free lifetime healthcare for Retired Military Person­nel on active duty prior to Tricare, from retirement as originally promised.
22. Any Congre­ssional Vote wherein the subject affects more than one million citizens shall be done by a "Roll Call". There will be no more hiding behind a 'yea or nay' vote.
23. No Taxpayer Money Shall Be Spent for Illegal Alien Benefi­ts. Stop spending money to support their "free medical care" as it takes money away from citizens who have paid into Medicare for their entire lives.
24. Non-De­nom­ina­tional Prayer Areas Only. There will be no Muslim prayer rooms in any public building, such as a school or government office. Any room or area designated for prayer must be for all worshi­pers.
25. The Second Amendment shall remain, without any changes!
26. Full NATO Member Funding If all NATO countries have not repaid all monies due we will pull out of NATO. It is not our respon­sib­ility to support the world.
27. Support for Unborn Children's Right to Life which can only be taken away in cases of medical necessity vis-a-vis a threat to the woman or baby's life, as determined by the attending physician and mother, and the procedure must be performed in a hospital in case of compli­cat­ions. Otherwise, it violates the Establ­ishment Clause of the 1st Amendment.

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