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Phases of a Winning Content Marketing Funnel Cheat Sheet by

4 Phases of a Winning Content Marketing Funne
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The content marketing funnel visualizes the journey that potential customers go through when consid­ering a purchase, and it’s part of a larger overall content marketing strategy. The content in the different stages supports the customer journey, and good content pushes your leads closer to a purchase.

To understand how your content fits into the overall customer journey from discovery to purchase, you may want to build a customer journey map.

Content Marketing

1. Awareness

When potential customers first enter into the content marketing funnel, you should assume that they are unaware of your company or the solution you provide. It’s now your job to make them aware. Top-of­-funnel (TOFU) content focuses on educating your audience.
Use content types such as:
Shareable blog posts
Social media posts

2. Evaluation

In the middle of the funnel (MOFU), potential customers determine whether they need your product or service. You’re also attempting to build trust with your consumer in the evaluation stage. No one buys from or does business with a company they don’t trust, so look for ways to build that relati­onship.
Consumers are looking for content that demons­trates why they should choose your product or service:
Case studies
White papers
Useful resour­ces­/do­wnloads

Customer Journey Map

3. Conversion

Everyone wants to feel confident in a purchase. Give your potential customers very clear reasons why buying your product or investing in your service is the smart thing to do.

The content funnel up to this point has been about getting customers interested in your product. Now, at the bottom of the content marketing funnel (BOFU), give them a reason to buy. By offering side-b­y-side compar­isons of similar produc­ts—and highli­ghting how your product or service is superi­or—you can easily influence a purchase.
Keep in mind:
Does my content have a clear call to action?
Am I making the purchase process as simple as possible?

4. Delight

Although it’s not part of the tradit­ional content marketing funnel, many companies have added an additional step to retain or delight customers.

Your overall content strategy should be aimed at building an audience and keeping them engaged. That work extends beyond the purchase stage.
Ask yourself:
Does this content encourage customers to leave feedback?
Does the content give readers reasons to refer their friends?
Does this content showcase real customer successes?

Reward your audience with special promotions or early previews of new products. Even if your customer isn’t a repeat buyer, they still have influe­ncing power in their social circles.

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