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Police Scanner Codes 14 – 19 Cheat Sheet by

Police Scanner Codes & Meaning
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Codes 14 - 99

14 Ambu­lance in route
15 Citizens holding suspect
17F Fugitive attachment
17M Muni­cipal court attachment
17T Traffic attachment
18 Traffic incident
19 Drunk
20 Auto accident
20I Injury accident
20A Airplane crash
20F Fatal accident
21 Comp­laint
23 Traffic congestion
24 Medical emergency
25 Call dispatcher
26 Police officer
27 Atte­mpted crime
28 Inciting a felony
29 Death
30 Homicide
30C Homicide by cutting
30S Homicide by shooting
32 Acce­ssory to a felony
34 Aggr­avated battery
34C Cutting
34S Shooting
35 Simple battery
37 Aggr­avated assault
38 Simple assault
39 Negl­igent injury
42 Aggr­avated rape
43 Simple rape
44 Aggr­avated kidnapping
45 Simple kidnapping
51 Aggr­avated arson
51B Bomb threat
52 Simple arson
52E Expl­osives
52F Fire
54 Comb­ustible materials
56 Criminal damage
58 Cont­ami­nated water
59 Criminal Mischief
60 Aggr­avated burglary
62 Alarms
62B Simple burglary
62C Auto burglary
62R Resi­dential burglary
62S Safe burglary
63 Criminal Trespass
63S Sit-in
64 Armed robbery
64G Armed robber­y/gun
64K Armed robber­y/knife
65 Simple robbery
65P Purse snatching
66 Exto­rtion threats
67 Offer a bribe to executive officer
68 Unau­tho­rized use of a movable
69 Dete­r/r­esist executive officer (other than peace officer)
69 Poss­ession of stolen goods
71 Issuing worthless checks
71 Threaten injury to school officer or employee
72 Forgery
80 Carnal knowledge of juvenile
81 Indecent behavior with juvenile
82 Pros­tit­ution
84 Pand­ering
87 Abortion
89 Crime against nature
90 Gambling
90C Gamb­ling, cards
90D Gamb­ling, dice
91 Unlawful sale to minor
93 Cruelty to juvenile
94 Illegal use of weapon
95 Illegal carrying of gun
98 Driving while intoxi­cation (DWI)
99 Reckless operation

Codes 100

100 Hit and run
102 Take or destroy property in custody of officer
118 Perjury
136.1(A) Inti­mid­ation of witness or victim
136.1(B1) Inti­mid­ation of witness or victim from reporting crime
136.1(C1) Inti­mid­ation of witness or victim by force/­threat of violence
137(a) Offer bribe to influence testimony
146a Impe­rso­nating a peace officer
148 Inte­rfering with an officer
148 Resi­sting Arrest
148.1 False report of a bomb
148.5 False report of a crime
150 Refuse to aid an officer
151(A1) Advocate killin­g/i­njuring officer
187 Homicide
192.1 Volu­ntary mansla­ughter
192.2 Invo­luntary mansla­ughter
192.3 Vehi­cular mansla­ughter

Codes 200

203 Mayhem
207 Kidn­apping
207A Kidn­apping attempt
209A Kidn­apping for ransom­/ex­tortion
209B Kidn­apping for robbery
211 Robbery
211A Robbery alarm
211S Robbery alarm, silent
217 Assault with intent to murder
220 Assault with intent to mayhem/sex crime
236 False impris­onment
240 Assault – Misdem­eanor
241 Assault on peace office­r/E­MT/­fir­efi­ghter
242 Battery
243 Assault on Police Officer
243A Battery against a citizen
243B Battery against a peace officer
244 Throwing acid with intent to disfigure or burn
245 Assault with a deadly weapon
245B Assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer
246 Shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle
261 Rape
261.5 Rape – under 18 years of age
261A Atte­mpted rape
262 Rape of spouse
266H Pimping
266I Pand­ering
270 Child neglec­t/f­ailing to pay the support payments
271 Child abando­nment – under 14
272 Cont­rib­uting to the delinq­uency of a minor
273 Assault on Person
273.5A Corporal injury to spouse­/co­hab­itant
273A Child neglect
273D Corporal injury upon child
273D Wife beating – Felony
278 Child abduction from parent or guardian
285 Sex crimes against family member(s)
288 Lewd Conduct / Felony sex offense
288 Sex offense against a child
288A Oral copulation
290 Sex regist­ration

Codes 300

311 Loud and Obscene
311.2A Poss­ession of obscene matter
311.2B Poss­essing obscene matter depicting a minor
314 Indecent exposure
330 Gambling
373 Public nuisance misdem­eanors (spitting in public places, etc.)
374B Garbage dumping
374B Illegal dumping
390 Drunk
390C Drunk in Vehicle
390D Drunk, uncons­cious

Codes 400

402B Aban­doned refrig­erator
404 Riot
407 Unlawful Assembly
415 Dist­urbing the peace
415B Inve­stigate the Trouble
415C Dist­urbance – Children involved
415D Dist­urbance – Drunk involved
415E Loud Music or Party
415F Dist­urbance – Family
415G Dist­urbance – Gang
417 Person with a gun
417A Person with a knife
447 Arson
451 Arson
459 Burglary
459A Burglar Alarm, audible
459S Burglar Alarm, silent
464 Burglary with Explosives
470 Forgery
476A Insu­ffi­cient funds (checks)
477A Arson
480 Hit and Run – Felony
481 Hit and Run – Misdem­eanor
484 Petty theft
484E Theft of a credit card
484fF Forged credit card
484G Illegal use of a credit card
484PS Purse Snatch
487 Grand Theft ($400+)
487.2 Theft from Person or Purse snatch
488 Petty theft (<$400)
496 Rece­iving stolen property
499B Joyr­iding

Codes 500

502 Drunk Driving
503 Auto theft
503 Embe­zzl­ement
504 Tamp­ering with a vehicle
505 Reckless driving
507 Public nuisance
510 Speeding or racing vehicles
537 Defr­auding Innkeeper
537 Nonp­ayment of a bill (Resta­urants, etc.)
537E Article with serial number removed
555 Posted trespass
586 Illegal parking
586E Vehicle blocking Driveway
594 Mali­cious mischief
594 Vand­alism
595 Runaway car
597 Killing or abusing animals

Codes 600

602 Tres­passing
602.5 Entry without consent
603 Trespass with damage
603 Unlawful entry
604 Throwing missiles
647 Lewd conduct
647 Vagrant
647A Anno­y/m­olest child
647A Vagrant loitering in Public Place
647B Pros­tit­ution
647C Begging
647D Loit­ering in Restroom
647E Loit­ering Place to Place
647F Drunk in public
647FF Drunk – enroute to Detox
647G Diso­rderly conduct – loitering on private property at night
647G Prowler
647H Diso­rderly conduct – peeking into an inhabited building
647H Illegal Lodging
653M Thre­ate­nin­g/O­bscene phone calls

Codes 900

901 Vehicle Accident
901 Ambu­lance Call
901A Ambu­lance Call – Attempted Suicide
901A Injury Accident
901B Ambu­lance Call – Drowning
901C Ambu­lance Call – Cutting
901D Ambu­lance Call – Drunk
901G Ambu­lance Call – Gas
901H Ambu­lance Call – Dead Body
901K Ambu­lance has been dispatched
901N Ambu­lance requested
901S Ambu­lance Call – Shooting
901T Ambu­lance Call – Traffic Accident
901Y Request Ambulance if needed
902 Accident
902H Enroute to Hospital
902N Medical Aid needed
902T Traffic Accident
903 Aircraft Crash
904 Fire
904A Auto­mobile fire.
904B Building fire.
904G Grass fire.
906 Making Arrival
907 Report Writing (after call)
908 End of Shift
909 In Service
909 Traffic problem; police needed.
910 Can handle this detail
912 Vehicle Regist­ration Check
913 Vehicle want/W­arrant check
922 Into­xicated Subject
924 En route To Office Or Jail
925 Location
925 Susp­icious vehicle.
926 Dead body
927 Susp­icious Circum­sta­nce­s/V­ehicle
928 Narc­oti­cs/­Under Influence
932 Turn on _______ mobile relay at _______.
933 Audible Alarm
933 Silent Alarm
933 Turn off mobile relay.
940 Meet Officer or Compla­inant
949 Burning inspection at _______.
950 Control burn in progre­ss/­about to begin/­ended.
951 Need fire invest­igator.
952 Report on conditions
953 Inve­stigate smoke
953A Inve­stigate gas
954 Off the air at the scene of the fire
955 Detail under control
955 Fire is under control.
956 Assi­gnment not finished.
956 Detail incomp­lete, but available
957 Delayed response of __ minutes
95k Ille­gally carrying knife
966 Drug Deal
972 Missing Person
978 Driver License Check
980 Restrict calls to emergency only.
981 Attempt to Locate
981 Resume normal traffic

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