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Preventing Pressure Sores Cheat Sheet by

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The goal is to eliminate or avoid pressure ulcers. By incorp­orating a few simple steps, as part of a continual plan, the risk of developing new pressure ulcers or aggrev­iating existing pressure sores can be minimized.

Pressure Sore Risk Factors


• Reposition based on indivi­dua­lized needs, but at the very least every 2 hours.
• Encourage residents to shift position every 15 minutes in their chair.
• Make sure that walking and range of motion gets done daily.
• Use moisture barriers.
• Assist residents to bathroom often.
• Offer the residents fluids frequently and make the dining experience enjoyable. Report any changes you observe.
• Lift residents rather than dragging across sheets.
• Maintain head of bed at lowest position that is comfor­table for resident.
• Float residents heels off the sheets.
• Look at resident’s skin closely each time you make contact, report skin that stays red longer than 30 minutes, feels warm or is blistered.

Decubitus Stages


Weekly Skin Assessment

This checklist should be completed weekly as per facility policy. All areas of skin requiring treatment should have a thorough record of docume­ntation in the chart per facility protocol. Check box if the item reflects the resident’s assess­ment. If the answer is “yes” to 3 or more of the questions, the facility should be implem­enting a “Skin Tear Prevention Protocol.” Review and revise the care plan to ensure skin care as needed.

Weekly Skin Assessment Observ­ations

Any reddened areas that remain after 30 minutes of pressure reduction?
Any rashes?
Any bruises?
Any open lesions, cuts, lacera­tions, or skin tears? (Indicate even if being treated.)
Any blisters?
Any open ulcers (indicate even if being treated.)
Excess­ively dry or flaky skin?
Any edema?
Location: __________

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Carlascheats Carlascheats, 12:03 13 Nov 18

Great info-reference cheat for both licensed and unlicensed staff

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