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Rules of Megavalue Selling Cheat Sheet by

Rules of Megavalue Selling
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It is challe­nging to sell and differ­entiate value for any product or service, but it doesn't have to be compli­cated. Here are five rules of megavalue selling:

1. Verify value drivers

Accurately identi­fying each customer's value drivers is the chief priority for sales profes­sio­nals. Most buyers feel like salesp­eople bring little or no value to the purchase decision. Reps should contin­ually review the questions they ask and assess for clarity and effect­iveness at identi­fying value drivers. Salesp­eople who know how to ask questions strate­gically have an advantage over rivals that don't.

2. Adapt your value message

Reps should always link their value to specific issues and drivers. Also, make a list of the value drivers commonly overlooked by most customers. Consider how to introduce any unrealized value drivers into the discussion and why they are important.

3. Listen

Listening is a choice and a skill that makes selling value easier. It’s not the buyer’s respon­sib­ility to convey inform­ation clearly enough so the salesp­erson has a thorough unders­tan­ding. That respon­sib­ility lies mainly with the seller. Reps should take notes and repeat what the buyer tells them, especially when the inform­ation is detailed or technical and the risk of misint­erp­ret­ation is high

4. Understand the Buy

Knowing the customer’s buying process, timeline and decision influe­ncers is like having the blueprints for constr­ucting a building. A salesp­erson must be aware of the dynamics affecting a customer’s purchase and watch for sudden develo­pments that can create hesitancy or urgency. It helps to build a thorough unders­tanding of the internal politics, policies and business processes.

5. Emphasize Evidence

Customers put faith in facts, not in worn-out claims or everyday sales pitches. Selling value effect­ively requires gathering the necessary evidence to justify value to uncertain or uninte­rested buyers. Think about the type of proof your customers would find most helpful and begin collecting this inform­ation. Gather any customer stories that can help support advantages where no other evidence may exist.

5 Rules of Megavalue Selling

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