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Seven Concepts of Well Building Standard Cheat Sheet by

Certification Program for Buildings
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Introd­uction Well Bulding Standard

A building certif­ication focusing exclus­ively on human health. A certif­ication program for buildings focusing on optimizing occupant health, encour­aging healthy habits, increasing employee produc­tivity, and improving quality of life.

How does it work?

Property undergoes a site assessment to determine what modifi­cations you’ll need to make to achieve WELL certif­ica­tion. An experi­enced WELL Accredited Profes­sional will guide you through the process and advise you on modifi­cations as required. When you’re done, the Intern­ational WELL Building Institute, through its collab­oration with the Green Building Certif­ication Institute, will conduct on-site perfor­mance tests to ensure compliance with silver, gold, or platinum certif­ication levels.
Recert­ifi­cation is required every 3 years

How are buildings judged?

Facilities are assessed according to seven catego­ries: air, water, nouris­hment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Certif­ication requires you to comply with all seven, using recomm­ended techniques like these to achieve a healthier workplace:

Well Building Certif­ication Ratings


Well Building Standard

Seven Categories

1. Air: Remove airborne contam­inants with strategies that include preven­tion, ioniza­tion, filtra­tion, and infusion.
2. Water: Remove contam­inants such as chlorine and other disinf­ectant byprod­ucts, dissolved minerals, sediment, bacteria, and calcium carbonate through filtra­tion, treatment, and infusion.
3. Nouris­hme­nt: Provide occupants with design features and knowledge to enable healthier food choices.
4. Light: Improve occupants’ sleep, energy, mood, and produc­tivity through window perfor­mance and design, light output, lighting controls, and light therapy.
5. Fitness: Ensure access to numerous opport­unities for aerobic, strength, and flexib­ility training so occupants can accomm­odate fitness regimens within their daily schedules.
6. Comfort: Create an indoor enviro­nment that is distra­cti­on-­free, produc­tive, soothing, and protected using design standards, contro­lla­bility, and policy implem­ent­ation.
7. Mind: Implement design and technology strategies that support mental and emotional health in two ways – actively by providing occupants with feedback and knowledge about their enviro­nment, and passively by incorp­orating design elements, relaxation modali­ties, and state-­of-­the-art techno­logy.

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