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Seven Steps to Organizational Nirvana Cheat Sheet by

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How do we transform our business into e-busi­ness? This is the challenge that many tradit­ional companies are facing. As the framework for business changes, these tradit­ional companies must contin­ually adapt and innovate in order to survive. The old rules of business no longer apply. The transf­orm­ation from business to ebusiness is not a one-shot process, it is a journey - a systematic series of stages.

The Steps

1. Strate­gy: the plan for allocating the organi­zat­ion’s resources to achieve its goal
2. Systems: the admini­str­ative proced­ures, routines, and inform­ation systems that charac­terize how work is done in the organi­zation
3. Struct­ure: the way the organi­zat­ion’s units relate to each other, including formal reporting and authority relati­onships
4. Staff: the numbers, levels, and types of people employed in the organi­zation
5. Style: patterns of behavior of key managers in achieving the organi­zat­ion’s goals; how managers relate to employees
6. Skills: distin­ctive capabi­lities of key personnel or the firms as a whole
7. Shared values: the signif­icant meaning, guiding concepts, values, and aspira­tions, often unwritten, that go beyond the conven­tional formal statement of corporate objectives

How to Achieve

1. Cataly­zing: initiating change from the top creating a culture that embraces change, and a share e-business vision that energizes the organi­zation
2. Diffus­ing: commun­icating the e-business vision broadly and deeply inside and outside the organi­zation, and creating a sense of urgency around e-business
3. Motiva­tion: creating incentive systems that promote acceptance of change and experi­men­tation, and a culture of sharing
4. Skilli­ng: educating indivi­duals about nee processes, systems, and business practices. Creating mentoring programs that overcome the fear of the unknown and resistance to change
5. Extern­ali­zing: marketing change initia­tives externally to partners and suppliers, and making invest­ments in partners and suppliers to increase commitment and loyalty
6. Struct­uri­ng: defining roles and respon­sib­ilities for the e-business organi­zation; managing the vertical tension on centra­liz­ation versus decent­ral­ization as well as the horizontal tension of separation versus integr­ation of the e-business organi­zation
7. Staffi­ng: recruiting the leader and the members of the e-business team, and defining the skills and the person­ality traits of the core-b­usiness team members

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