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Seven Triggers to Yes Cheat Sheet by

How to persuade people to say Yes
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It is frustr­ating that others just will not agree with us. We take them on a logical path that should get them to say “Yes” and they just are too bone-h­eaded to agree with us. It’s as if they are in some other world where the language is different.

The language of persuasion is different. Research shows that getting others to say “Yes” is an emotional response not a logical response. The first response is always emotional and based on many factors such as previous experi­ences in similar situat­ions, whether they like you, and even if you resemble their uncle Billy.

The 7 Triggers to Yes

In his book “The 7 Triggers to Yes” Russell Granger highlights scientific evidence that decisions are emotio­n-b­ased. He points out that the primitive part of our brain, the part respon­sible for our protec­tion, makes instan­tan­eous, emotional decisions that override the logical and relatively new part of our brains. This is an efficient means for making decisions. Imagine if every single time you had to decide something you had to perform a detailed analysis, pros, cons, etc. By using previously stored emotional tags we can recall them for future similar situat­ions.

The Seven Triggers

1. The Friendship Trigger: Activates trust and agreement through bonding.

2. The Authority Trigger: Creates a perception of expertise that activates accept­ance.

3. The Consis­tency Trigger: Motivates consis­tency with past actions.

4. The Recipr­ocity Trigger: Taps into the rationale that when you give, you get something back.

5. The Contrast Trigger: Makes your request better than other available options.

6. The Reason Why Trigger: Poses reasons that activate an automatic "­Yes­"

7. The Hope Trigger: Instills positive expect­ations that deliver agreement.

7 Triggers

Trigger Training

STEP 1 Perspe­ctive Shift
A realig­nment from “how to conduct a sale” to how to influence buying decisions.

STEP 2 Persuasion Strategy
Triggers built around specific product messaging and customer targets.

STEP 3 Trigger Tactics
Extensive scripting and scenarios to model real-world customer encoun­ters.

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