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Seven Types of Fake News Cheat Sheet by

Seven Types of Fake News
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Director of strategy and research at First Draft Claire Wardle (@cward1e) developed this list to help people to understand the misinf­orm­ation ecosystem.

1. Satire

A piece of content obviously intended to amuse readers that can be misint­erp­reted as fact.
In the spectrum of fake news, this is the least harmful.

2. Misleading content

Misleading use of inform­ation to frame an issue or individual

3. Imposter

When genuine sources are impers­onated

4. Manipu­lated content

Content that presents real inform­ation, even imagery and video, but is manipu­lated in some way to tell a different story.

5. False Context:

When genuine content is shared w/ false contextual inform­ation

7. Fabricated Content

New content that is predom­inately false, designed to deceive & do harm

6. False Connection

False Connec­tion: when headlines, visuals or captions don’t support the contentt.

Seven Types of Disinf­orm­ation

Misinf­orm­ation Matrix

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