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The 10 Types of Social Business Speeches Cheat Sheet by

Dealing with different crowds where speaking
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The Persuasive Contrarian
The Court Case
as a group, these people do not currently buy your message – you can either try to drive a truck through the front of their resistance or more cleverly, find areas of common agreement through the side door
The Important Primer
The 411 Instru­ctional
many of these people don’t even know the questions you might be solving, never mind the answers; you need to handhold them without ever coming off as superior
The Melting Pots
The Inspir­ational
The “Big Tent” Intera­ctive
frequently at large events – you will have hodge-­podge of every one of these audience types sitting in the seats; you need to create a “big tent” so everybody can get inside your message
The Pandora’s Box
The Roadmap
these people want to walk over the fire coals with you, they have a propensity to like your message, all they need is a little push (and then telling them how it will feel after being pushed)
The Ra-Ra Tribal
The Fresh Bread
these people have already bought into your anthem, they are humming and toe-ta­pping, you want to get them singing and providing them ammo for stuff they might not already know

The Court Case (skeptic, rational)

Style – the smartest guy/girl in the room
Content – the indisp­utable truths, mountain of evidence, framing arguments, data

The Important Primer (novice, emotional)

Style – the sensai (expert) who unders­tands what it is not to know (empathy)
Content – the human touch, providing relatable perspe­ctive, debunking myths creating import­anc­e/u­rgency

The 411 Instru­ctional (novice, rational)

Style – the simple and step by step teacher
Content – the essent­ials, important messages, process steps, links to further resources, visual­iza­tion, tutorial steps

The Inspir­ational (melting pot, emotional)

Style – the big entert­ainer and story teller
Content – metaphors, intere­sting profiles, personal journey, stories with lessons learned

The Big Tent Intera­ctive (melting pot, rational)

Style – the social convenor drawing out audience attention, interest & questions
Content – Q&A, audience partic­ipa­tion, context setting, tiered knowledge (from novice to expert), tailored advice

The Persuasive Contrarian (skeptic, emotional)

Style – the charming, likable person that I want to believe
Content – serving up questions, providing history, bridging disagr­eement, confro­nting hurdles, challe­nging existing mindset, shifting percep­tions

The Pandora’s Box (primed, emotional)

Style – the excited visionary and cheerl­eader
Content – an aspira­tional spectrum of examples, mix and matchable ideas, shortcuts, dos/do­n’ts, nothing you can’t do zeal

The Roadmap (primed, rational)

Style – the road-t­ested steward at the wheel
Content – key success factors, stages and steps, milestones and benchmarks

The Ra-Ra Tribal

Style – the “I get you” cultish leader marching at the front of the parade
Content – us vs. them, insider advice, rituals, new glossary, humour, anecdotes

The Fresh Bread

Style – the plugged in and connected translator of new trends and develo­pments
Content – aspira­tional examples, futurism, insider quotable quotes, new learnings

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