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The 6 Primary types of Renewable Energy Cheat Sheet by

The 6 primary types of Renewable Energy
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The primary 6 types of renewable energy are solar, wind, biomass, hydro power, geothermal and biofuels. Each of these renewable energy sources provides an altern­ative to tradit­ional energy generation and can be reprod­uced, reducing our footprint on the enviro­nment.

With so much dependency placed upon our natural resources to produce our much needed energy, scientists have been evaluating and producing renewable energy as an altern­ative to tradit­ional energy sources. Renewable energy is energy that can be reproduced in a short period of time. The most prevalent forms of renewable energy are solar, wind, biomass, hydro power, geothermal and biofuels.

1. Wind

An abundant source of renewable energy, wind power is used as a means of generating electr­icity. Wind turbines are capable of harnessing the power derived from the wind, converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy. A source of clean, green renewable energy, favourable climate conditions in Europe means wind energy is a highly viable method for electr­icity genera­tion. And none more so than in the UK, with 40% of all wind energy in Europe blowing over the country.

2. Solar

Solar power has been around for thousands of years. As a renewable source of free, green energy, technology has found a way of harnessing the sun’s energy via solar panels which are used either to generate electr­icity (solar photov­olt­aics) or to produce heat to warm water (solar thermal). A popular choice in a growing renewable energy market, solar technology doesn’t generate greenhouse gases and is enviro­nme­ntally friendly.

3. Biomass

Biomass energy is produced from organic materials such as plants and animals, but the energy that is produced in this fashion is originally provided by the sun. For example, plants absorb the sun’s energy through a process called photos­ynt­hesies. This energy is then passed on through the organism that eats the plant, creating biomass energy. The most common forms used to generate biomass energy are wood, crops, manure and some rubbish.

When these substances are burned, they give off energy as heat.

Renewable Energy Sources

4. Geothermal

Geothermal energy comes from the original Greek word “Geo” which means Earth. Geothermal energy is derived from the heat that is given off by the Earth. For example, steam energy or hot water that is generated by the Earth can be used to generate energy. It is considered to be a renewable source of energy as the water in the Earth is replen­ished by regular rainfall and the heat used is regularly produced by the planet.

5. Hydro Power

Hydro energy is derived from the movement of water. One form of hydro power is generated through the movement of water through turbines, such as water running through turbines in a Dam. Hydro power is considered a renewable energy source as the water is contin­uously cycled back through the plant or into nature.

6. Biofuels

Biofuels are a form of renewable energy derived from burning plant or animal substa­nces, otherwise called combus­tion. One of the challenges to biofuels has been that it is not easily transf­erred into a liquid form which is the primary method used to fuel most cars and homes. Two of the most common strategies that are sed to produce biofuels includes: growing crops to produce ethanol and growing plants that produce biofuel oils. While these methods are effective sources of renewable energy, they are challe­nging to produce and maintain on a large scale.

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