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The Easy Breathing Technique Cheat Sheet by

The Easy Breathing Technique
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Introd­uction: Ujjayi.

Alternate nostril breathing. Deep, belly-­filling inhala­tions. If you've ever felt a little silly during all those exercises at the beginning of yoga class, know you haven't wasted your breath—a new study suggests they can help ease depression and anxiety

Alternate Nostril Breathing

1. Sit comfor­tably with your left hand on your left knee, palm up, and your eyes closed.
2. Bring your right hand to your face with the index and middle fingers between your eyebrows, your ring and little fingers gently on your left nostril, and your thumb on the right nostril.
3. Press your thumb down on your right nostril and exhale through the left.
4. Inhale through the left nostril, then press it gently closed with your ring and little finger.
5. Release your thumb and breathe out through your right nostril.
6. Inhale again through the right nostril.
7. Repeat, contin­ually altern­ating inhala­tions and exhala­tions, for 5 minutes.

The Magic of Breathing

The magic of breathing comes from its effects on rebala­ncing the autonomic nervous system, says Ronnie Newman, MEd, director of of research and health promotion at the Art of Living Foundation (the nonprofit that developed the SKY protocol).

One branch of this system, the sympat­hetic nervous system, speeds up our breathing and heart rate, widens our pupils, and otherwise revs us up to fight or flee from a threat; the parasy­mpa­thetic nervous system calms our bodies back down when the coast is clear.

Ujjayi. Alternate nostril breathing

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