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The Edmonton Frail Scale Cheat Sheet by

The Edmonton Frail Scale
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The Edmonton Frail Scale Assessment

0 Points
1 Points
2 Points
Cogn­iti­on: Please imagine that this pre - drawn circle is a clock. I would like you to place the numbers in the correct positions then place the hands to indicate a time of ‘ten after eleven’
No errors
Minor spacing errors
Other errors
General health status: In the past year, how many times have you been admitted to a hospital?
> 2
In general, how would you describe your health?
Excell­ent’, ‘Very good’, ‘Good’
Func­tional indepe­ndence: With how m any of the following activities do you require help? (meal prepar­ation, shopping, transp­ort­ation, telephone, housek­eeping, laundry, managing money, taking medica­tions)
0 - 1
2 - 4
5 -8
Social support: When you need help, can you count on someone who is willing and able to meet your needs?
Medi­cation use: Do you use five or more different prescr­iption medica­tions on a regular basis?
At times, do you forget to take your prescr­iption medica­tions?
Nutr­ition: Have you recentl y lost weight such that your clothing has become looser?
Mood: Do you often feel sad or depressed?
Cont­inence: Do you have a problem with losing control of urine when you don’t want to?
Func­tional perfor­mance: I would like you to si t in this chair with your back and arms resting. Then, when I say ‘GO’, please stand up and walk at a safe and comfor­table pace to the mark on the floor (appro­xim­ately 3 m away), return to the chair and sit down’
0 - 10
11 - 20
One of : >20 s , or patient unwilling , or requires assistance
Final score is the sum of column totals: Total [__/17] =
+ [____]
+ [____]
Scoring: 0 - 5 = Not Frail; 6 - 7 = Vulner­able; 8 - 9 = Mild Frailty; 10 - 11 = Moderate Frailty; 12 - 17 = Severe Frailty

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