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The Executive Presence Model Cheat Sheet by

The Executive Presence Model
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Companies want leaders who know how to act like leaders, whose behaviors demons­trate confid­ence, influence, and a take charge attitude. Having a leader with executive presence provides an approp­riate model for others to follow.

These 16 actions represent the ideal behaviors, mindset and habits of a successful busine­ssp­erson. Each behavior will help you become a more confident, powerful business leader. You will enhance your ability to stand out, make a difference and have impact in the executive enviro­nment.

1. Business Intell­igence Behaviors

1. Stand Out by Thinking Strate­gic­ally. Elevate your profile by taking a strategic approach to your work. Your “big picture” perspe­ctive will prove you’re a leader, which is much more than being a manager.
2. Use a Whole Company Perspe­cti­ve. Think outside the cubicle and learn the ins and outs of your organi­zation. You’ll discover opport­unities to demons­trate your value and advance your career.
3. Learn the Language of Finance. Speak the language of leaders. Unders­tanding and commun­icating in financial terms allows you to show your worth where it matters most – the company’s bottom line.

2. Risk-T­aking Behaviors

4. Capitalize on Ambiguity and Change. Stand confid­ently above those who are nervous or threatened by uncert­ainty. Leaders are revealed and careers are made for those able to navigate stormy seas.
5. Exceed Your Expect­ati­ons–and Theirs. Fast track your career by being proactive and looking for opport­unities where others aren’t looking. Champion innovative improv­ements and you’ll speed your ascent to higher levels of respon­sib­ility.
6. Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone. Challenge yourself and stretch your capabi­lities. Conquer self-doubt and break through self-i­mposed limita­tions by seeking opport­unities to venture into unknown territory.

3. Interp­ersonal Relati­onship Behaviors

7. Commun­icate Clearly. Build confid­ence, trust and credib­ility by speaking clearly and persua­sively. Your reputation as a top notch commun­icator will place you in high demand for challe­nging and rewarding assign­ments.
8. Lead, Don’t Just Manage. Move beyond the manager role to influence events and people around you. As a leader, you’ll inspire and motivate others by advocating what’s best for the organi­zation, not just your own work group.
9. Share the Limeli­ght. Enhance your reputation as a confident leader by sharing recogn­ition with others. You’ll boost morale, trust and teamwork, as well as creating opport­unities for your advanc­ement

5 Categories & 16 Behavors

16 behaviors that fall into five catego­ries.

4. Perfor­mance Improv­ement Behaviors

10. Prioritize Your Projec­ts. Improve your produc­tivity, influence and reputation for high achiev­ement when you focus on the things that matter most. Not only will you be a peak performer, you’ll maintain a healthy balance in your life.
11. Refine Your Thinking Skills. Make the best decisions, thanks to your solid thinking skills. You’ll get noticed (and rewarded) for your ability to understand and solve complex tasks, analyze issues and concerns and think in reverse from the desired outcome.
12. Develop Discer­nme­nt. Navigate stormy waters when you steer by your inner compass. Follow the truth that is at your core and you’ll make the most ethical decisions for you and your organi­zation.

5. Self Develo­pment Behaviors

13. Know Thyself. Understand what drives you, who you are and what you can do. You’ll find personal fulfil­lment and profes­sional success by capita­lizing on your strengths and learning from your mistakes.
14. Seek Feedba­ck. Encourage feedback to demons­trate your passion for self-d­eve­lopment and your desire to contribute to your company’s success. You’ll achieve your full potential and help others achieve theirs as well.
15. Gain Confid­ence. Build your confidence by influe­ncing decisions, motivating others and improving your perfor­mance. As a confident, self-d­eve­loped leader, you won’t be intimi­dated by failures or self-i­mposed limita­tions.
16. Sharpen and Expand Your Skills Through Traini­ng. Increase your growth potential by investing in the most important asset you possess – yourself. You’ll be more marketable within your company, as well as in the increa­singly compet­itive global market­place.

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