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The Padagogy Wheel Version 4 Cheat Sheet by

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Padagogy Wheel version 3 - Bloom's + SAMR (for the iPad)
The Padagogy Wheel provides another view of Bloom's as well as incorp­orating SAMR. The center of the wheel looks at skills we want our students to have when they graduate and provides links to a TED talk on The Puzzle of Motiva­tion.
As you move out from the center you will find:
* Bloom's Taxonomy
* Action Verbs
* Activities
* iPad Apps
* SAMR (the wheel is split into the four sections)
A portion of the wheel is below. You can access the wheel from either the image or the link above.

Big Picture Of Education Technology

The SAMR model (which acts as a kind of continuum to reflect the possib­ilities of technology in learning) is a helpful tool to make sense of this idea, a visual reminder that ideally technology moves beyond Substi­tution phase (the “S”) towards a Redefi­nition (the “R”) of what was previously impossible without it.

This, among other shifts, will help fully realize the potential of learning techno­logy. When you take a Bloom’s wheel, and smash it together with 60+ educat­ional apps that allows learners to brains­torm, collab­orate, research, create, curate, and create new knowle­dge­–well, you have the image below, courtesy of Allan Carrington of Designing Outcomes.

This is what has come to be known as the “Padagogy Wheel,” a title that reflects this conver­gence. The full pdf versio­n–which can be downloaded here–i­ncludes links to download the repres­ent­ative apps, but the big idea here is really the big picture thinking of how technology works–or can work–in the learning process.

The visual places the idea of motivation and capabi­lities at the center, which gets at one of its more compelling charac­ter­istics as a model–the meshing of techno­logy, thinking, and student motiva­tion. Many of the failures in #edtech are failures in #edtech integr­ation, and frameworks like the Padagogy wheel attempt to clarify the relati­onship between “big picture” elements. Seeing the pieces­–ta­blets, apps, learning goals, cognitive actions, etc.–and how they work together is everyt­hing. Without that vision, any bit of #edtech is limp and lifeless.

SAMR Padagogy Ver 4.0 Poster

What New in Version 4?

Has direct links to 122 of the latest and most popular educat­ional iPad apps.
App selection criteria: to help teachers make better app decisions Linked to the APPitic website and each Bloom’s Cognitive Domain Category has compre­hensive selection criteria. Prompts asking the teacher to think how the app would help the user achieve the domain activi­ties.
Each domain activity linked to apps: (that’s wheel 5 from the core) is linked to a group of apps considered most useful to enhance good outcomes.
The SAMR model wheel better commun­icates the idea. This might seem a small addition but I have added two way arrows around the wheel. I hope this helps teachers understand that the idea is to virtually align the SAMR model with the Bloom’s category they are working with. The idea is once one or more apps are chosen then think Redefi­nition if possible. Just keep in focus that the SAMR wheel is meant to spin. It also has a link to a great video from Dr P. as we call him in the ADE community (Dr Ruben Puente­dura) who invented the SMAR model, that’s also worth watching.
The QR codes have been updated: and provide a great way to connect the “treeware” (aka printed) poster to online resources. Every mobile device should have a QR reader App …. they are free as well. The email QR code is partic­ularly cool in it sets up an email to me in your email program and even gives it a subject line and says “Hi Allan”.
NEW PEDAGOGY JUST ADDED: Immersive Learning at the core of the wheel is the New Instru­ctional Design. Simula­tions are the most effective pedagogy to develop graduate attributes and capabi­lities in learners, as well as address motiva­tion. Linked to the new Padagogy Wheel are Immersive Learning Resources which will help you design an build engaging experi­enc­ed-­based immersive scenarios.

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Allan Carrington Allan Carrington, 15:29 5 Mar 16

Please change the way you have presented my intellectual property, it is not in accordance with the CCL. You have presented all my content as your own. You have no links back to my blog nor a link to download the poster. You are also using an out of date version, the Current version is 4.1 and if they downloaded the correct poster then all the Apps are linked to the Apple App Preview pages online which will open in the users iTunes application. This cheat sheet is a poor user experience and is plagiarism.
Regards Allan Carrington - Inventor of the PadagogY Wheel

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