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The Six Key Traits of Humans Cheat Sheet by

The Six Key Traits of Humans
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One of the most important – but often forgotten – elements of customer experience is that it’s all about human beings. Customers are human beings, employees are human beings, and executives are human beings. This video identifies six key charac­ter­istics to keep in mind whenever you’re dealing with all types of people

1. Intuitive

People have two different modes of decision making. One mode is rational, which is slow, logical, and delibe­rate. The second mode is intuitive, which is fast, automatic, and based on biases and a set of heuris­tics, or rules of thumb.

Human beings make almost all of their decisions using the intuitive mode, but organi­zations focus most of their attention on customers’ rational behavior. You can better meet customers‘ needs by catering to their intuitive mode.

2. Self Centered

We look at the world through our own personal perspe­ctive, which, because of our unique life experi­ences, is totally different than anyone else’s. This individual perspe­ctive often separates employees and customers, as employees are more familiar with their company than customers are. This knowledge gap frequently causes miscom­mun­ica­tions and a lack of empathy. Once we recognize our self-c­ent­ere­dness, we can take steps to mitigate the issues it creates.

3. Emotional

We remember experi­ences based on how they make us feel. Our memories are not like video cameras, they’re more like an Instagram account where we take pictures whenever we feel strong emotions, and then we judge that experience in the future based on reviewing those pictures. That’s why it’s critical to proact­ively think about which emotions an experience is likely to generate.

4. Motivated

We all strive to fulfill our four intrinsic needs: a sense of meaning, control, progress, and compet­ence. So when we think about the people who work for us and with us, we need to spend less time focusing on their compen­sation and more time helping them fulfill their intrinsic needs.

Six Traits of a Human

5. Social

We want to connect with other people who are “like us,” and we tend to trust those people more than we trust other people or instit­utions. So to create good experi­ences, we should not only recognize that people’s social groups are an important area of influence, we should also help employees and customers build meaningful connec­tions between themselves and each other

6. Hopeful

We flourish when we envision a positive future. So you can motivate employees, leaders, customers, and partners by painting a picture of future success that addresses their needs and aspira­tions.

The Six Human Traits

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