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The Ten Demandments Cheat Sheet by

What makes a customer happy
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Statistic on how important customers are:
To acquire a new customer is 5-6 times more costly.
Happy customers tell others about a positive buying experi­ence.
Unhappy customers tell many others about a bad experi­ence.
Only one out of 25 dissat­isfied customers complain directly..
An average company loses 10% of its customers annually.
Customer profit­ability grows over the life of a retained customer.
Since only one in 25 customers complains, each complaint is most likely shared by 24 more customers who remain silent. This will have a major impact on future business. So what does today's customers really want? What will make them loyal customers?
Credits: Rules to Live By in the Age of the Demanding Customer by Kelly Mooney.

1. Earn my trust

Earn my trust through respect, integrity, advocacy and quality. Lose the fine print, prove you're on my side - even if that means suggesting a competitor
Sense and respond Let me customize while you dynami­cally person­alize for me. Make me feel like the artifact is alive and aware of my needs. Think of respon­siv­eness by time, format, form and structure and quality of response.

2. Inspire me

Inspire me through immersive experi­ences, motivating messages and related philan­thropy. Stand for something meaningful that touches me on an emotional level.
Push me Help me reveal my potential; don’t let me “get by.” Help me visualize what I want to accomp­lish, so I can plan what I want to do next.

3. Make it easy simple, fast & useful

Make it easy with simpli­city, speed and useful­ness. Give me fewer steps. Think how Pizza Hut remembers your last order when you call and knows where you live without asking for your address or direct­ions.
Orie­nteer Give me a journey that I can take and tasks that I can do.

4. Put me in charge

Put me in charge of deciding how, when and where I shop, how I pay, how my personal inform­ation is collected, stored, and used and what kind of inform­ation I'll receive.
Let me do things As I move through the experi­ence, let me do things that change the resulting display in a way that feels as though it has been designed for me person­ally, in my context. Move beyond mere viewing.

5. Guide me with expert advice

Guide me with expert advice, education and inform­ation. Boost my confid­ence, point me in the right direction, filter the noise and anticipate my needs.
Outfit me Deliver new capabi­lities and make it easy for this to become a part of my life while skilling me.

6. Give me 24/7 access, from anywhere

Give me 24/7 access, from anywhere, at anytime. Companies that care enough to supply their customers with ever present support, service and access do more than simply build goodwill and strengthen relati­onships — they prove they're in the trenches with their customers and are always ready to help, no matter the time or place.
Immerse me Plunge me into the experience in a way that makes me even less (or even un-) aware of the place or setting that I’ve come from.

7. Get to know me

Get to know me — listen, learn and study me, the real consumer, not just data. Climb out of the data mines and interact with your customers the old fashioned way: by listening to them, learning from them, and unders­tanding them — not as demogr­aphics but as indivi­duals.
Help me learn Combine doing with unders­tan­ding. Let us learn from each other…and from the web of connec­tion.

8. Exceed my expect­ations

Exceed my expect­ations with uncommon courtesies and surprising services. If you want to capture the hearts and minds of your customers you must exceed their expect­ations.
Make waves Engage me in co-dis­covery and co-cre­ation and transform my life, my work, my business.

9. Reward me with points

Reward me with points programs, special privileges or other worthwhile extras. Make your customers feel except­ionally valued even after they walk out of the door with a full shopping bag.
Let me win Reward me every time I accomplish something. Make the experience transp­arent so that the structure, operation and purpose of the experience is compre­hen­sible and valued.

10. Stay with me

Stay with me with follow through and meaningful follow-up. Make our relati­onship stand the test of time.
Connect me Help me make connec­tions with the subject matter, or across destin­ations, or with other people.

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