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Jenkins CLI Cheat Sheet by

My most common Jenkins CLI commands
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Executing and Monitoring a Build Job

ssh -l kohsuke -p <RandomPort> <InternalJenkinsBuildUserName>@<JenkinsHostName> list-jobs
Build Project X
Build Project Y
ssh -l kohsuke -p <RandomPort> bob@JenkinsHost build 'Build\ Project\ x' -v
ssh -l kohsuke -p <RandomPort> bob@JenkinsHost console 'Build\ Project\ x' -f -n500

Stopping a Current Build Job

curl http://<jenkinshost:port>/job/Build%20-Project%20X/lastBuild/stop


1] Go to http:­//j­enk­ins­hos­t:8­080­/us­er/­<Je­nki­nsB­uil­dUs­er>­/co­nfi­gure
2] Get public key - cat ~/.ssh­/id­_rs­
3] Copy and paste public key into your jenkin's user 'SSH Public Keys' text box
4] Save

1] Go to http:­//g­ree­nla­nte­rn.l­oc­al:­808­0/c­onf­igu­reS­ecu­rity/
2] Select 'SSHD Port' to random
3] Discover the random ssh jenkins port via curl -Lv https:­//j­enk­ins­hos­t/login 2>&1 | grep 'X-SSH­-En­dpo­int'
3] Execute public key authen­icated jenkins commands via ssh -l kohsuke -p <Ra­ndo­mSS­HPo­rt> <Je­nki­nsB­uil­dUs­er>­@<J­enk­ins­Hos­t> list-jobs

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