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Cheat Sheet Lists

LAMP Cheat Sheet Collection - 8 cheat sheets
A set of cheat sheets for LAMP development - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Cheat sheets for just about every modern version control system.
Open Source FR - 10 cheat sheets
Une liste des penses-bête que j'ai créé au sujet de logiciels Open Source.
Open Source EN - 4 cheat sheets
A list of the cheat sheets I created about Open Source software.
Based on the BCS textbook written by Bob Hughes: Project Management for IT Related Project
TDD tools for JavaScript - 2 cheat sheets
By apk
Training materials for TDD for JavaScript training
Peli Peli - 1 cheat sheet
C - Cheat Sheets - 11 cheat sheets
Liste von Cheat Sheets zu C - Grundlagen
Cursive - 3 cheat sheets
The Clojure IDE on IntelliJ IDEA
Web Accessibility Collection - 10 cheat sheets
A list of Web Accessibility Cheat Sheets
Comp. Sci. GCSE (AQA 8520) - 6 cheat sheets
Revision cheat sheets.
utPLSQL v3 cheat-sheets - 2 cheat sheets
Cheat sheets for utPLSQL version 3 and above
Polski 1 - 3 cheat sheets
Przeszłość to dziś 1/1
Java - 3 cheat sheets
Sintesis de Java para Laboratorio de Computación III
SEO - 3 cheat sheets
SEO and more
Powerlifting - 4 cheat sheets
Powerlifting Programs Cheat Sheets