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Asymmetric routing Cheat Sheet by

Asymmetric Routing

Log messages

detect­ed(­bad RST)
Complete Asymmetry
detect­ed(­i­nvalid SYN/ACK)
Server­-Side Asymmetry
detect­ed(no SYN/ACK )
Client­-Side Asymmetry
probe-­fil­ter­ed(­not AR)
Multi SYN Retransmit
SYN-re­xmi­t(­co­nfirmed AR)
Multi SYN Retransmit


in-path asymmetric routing detection enable
in-path asymmetric routing pass-t­hrough enable
in-path asym-r­out­e-tab flush
in-path asym-r­out­e-tab remove <ad­dre­ss-pair >

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