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Bazaar version control system Cheat Sheet by

Most used Bazaar commands
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Bazaar commands and tricks

All the latest docume­ntation is available here:

From SVN to Bazaar

Checking out a project
svn co URL workin­g_d­ire­ctory
bzr co --ligh­tweight URL workin­g_d­ire­ctory
Adding new files
svn add file1 file2
bzr add file1 file2
Viewing history
svn log
bzr log --short
svn log -r 10:25
bzr log -r 10..25
Changing to a previous revision
svn up -r 25
bzr revert -r 25

Creating new code

Create a branch
bzr branch [Repos­ito­ry_URL] [New_B­ran­ch_Url]
Commit with message
bzr commit -m "­[ME­SSA­GE]­"

Edit current code

Get the status of a file (modified, added, ...)
bzr status
Detect files that have been moved
bzr move --auto
Revert the working tree to the latest revision in the branch
bzr revert
Revert the working tree back to a specific revision N
bzr revert -rN
Checkout the code locally
brz checkout [Repos­ito­ry_Url] [local­_path]

View changes and status

Get the status (modified, added, ...)
bzr status
Show changes between the last revision in this branch, and the current tree
bzr diff
History of the branch
bzr log

Handle branches

bzr build [Recip­­e_­R­e­po­­sit­­or­y­_URL] [tmp_n­­am­e­_­of­­_merge]
bzr build [Recip­­e_­R­e­po­­sit­­or­y­_URL] [tmp_n­­am­e­_­of­­_merge]
Push the merged code to the parent
bzr push :parent

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