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Newtek Technology Services Quick Reference Sheet Cheat Sheet by

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Business Lending

What we do:
We get our customers money when they need it.

Why we're good:
* Terms from 5 - 20 years
* Longer maturity than conven­tional bank loans
* Nation's largest non-bank government guaranteed lender
* $50,000 to $10 million available

Iden­tif­ication Questi­ons:
* Do you have a financial need we could help with?
* Are you looking to refinance any of your business loans?
* Does your business need to improve its cash flow?
* Does your firm have receiv­ables?

Merchant Processing (EPP)

What we do:
* We make it easy for businesses to accept credit cards online, on-the-go, and at their retail location.

Why we're good:
* We process more than $4 billion annually
* 4th fastest growing merchant processor in the U.S.

Iden­tif­ication Questi­ons:
* Are you happy with your current merchant processing provider?
* Are you looking for better merchant processing rates?
* Would you like a free analysis of your merchant processing fees to see if you're getting the best rate?

Website Design

What we do:
* Our design team builds beautiful and effective websites which are ecommerce and mobile ready.

Why we're good:
* See our work:­esb­a.c­om/­por­tfo­lio-2/
* State of the art ecommerce cloud infras­tru­cture

Iden­tif­ication Questi­ons:
* Are you happy with your website?
* Are you happy with how many website visitors you have?
* Do you need help with your website?
* Do you need to update your website?
* Would you like help setting up your site for ecommerce?


What we do:
* We make payroll simple for our customers by providing them an online payroll system.

Why we're good:
* Dedicated repres­ent­ative for your account 24/7/365
* Guaranteed savings of 20% compared to ADP or PayChex
* Accurate tax filings guaranteed

Iden­tif­ication Questi­ons:
* Do you want to simplify your payroll?
* Do you want to save money on payroll?
* Do you want to take the guesswork out of your worker's compen­sation insurance payments?


What we do:
* We work with our customers to ensure they have the right coverage at the right price.

Why we're good:
* We work for our customers, not the insurance company
* We shop more than 40 highly­-rated carriers to find the best deal
* We provide personal and commercial insurance
* We provide consulting for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Iden­tif­ication Questi­ons:
* Are you confident that you have all the coverage your business needs at the right price?
* Do you need help unders­tanding your insurance?
* Would you like a free insurance analysis to make sure you're receiving the best prices and the right coverage?

Conver­sation Starters

How's business going?

What does your business do?

I like your website, what does your organi­zation actually do?

How does your business compare to your compet­itors?

What do you think about the new insurance laws?

Do you get a lot of traffic to your website?

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