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oAuth End Points Cheat Sheet by

oAuth End Points
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DaveChild DaveChild, 17:11 17 Apr 13

Great work! This is going to be really handy.

kayalshri kayalshri, 06:03 18 Apr 13

Recently added Yahoo, Fitbit, twitter, tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, bitbucket, dropbox, scoopit end points.

Pat Patterson Pat Patterson, 17:49 17 Feb 14

Nice resource - could you add Salesforce? I can give you all the details.

kayalshri kayalshri, 14:10 27 Feb 14

Thanks! Please send the details through my mail id. I'll add it.

Will Lowe Will Lowe, 14:59 25 Apr 14

Imagine this cheat sheet for every domain on the Internet!

OpenID Connect to the rescue:

DeeJRoth DeeJRoth, 13:29 10 May 14

This is amazingly useful! Thanks!

Enrico Olivelli Enrico Olivelli, 17:48 5 Jun 14

Service: MagNews
oAuth version 2.0
Dialog URL :
Access Token :

Thennarasu Thennarasu, 15:30 14 Dec 14

nice..but i cant all demo its shows me domain expire

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