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List of Windows 8 hotkeys
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Windows 8 Hotkeys (1)

Access Options of Metro Apps
Win + Spacebar
Change the language / keyboard layout
Win + Y
Switches to desktop view
Win + Q
Open Global Search
Search Within System Settings
Search Within Files
Disable screen rotation
Win + Print Screen
Take Screenshot (Saves as PNG in Pictures Library)
Win + C
Open Charms Bar
Win + Tab
Open Switch List
Win + I
Open Settings Menu

Windows 8 Hotkeys (2)

Win + P
Open Second Screen/ Projector Settings
Win + H
Go to Share Settings Pane
Win + K
Open Devices Settings Pane
Win + X
Open System Utility Settings Menu
Win + T
Preview Opened Windows in Taskbar
Win + U
Open Ease of Access Center
Win + E
Open Windows Explorer
Win + R
Open Run Dialogue Box
Win + Pause
Open System Properties Window
Win + Enter
Open Windows Narrator
Win + Shift + .
Snap Applic­ation to Right Side

Windows 8 hotkeys (3)

Win + .
Snap Applic­ation to Left Side
Win + ,
Peek at Desktop (Aero Peek)
Win + D
Go to Desktop
Win + M
Minimize All Applic­ations
Win + B
Go Back to Desktop
Win + J
Switches focus between snapped Metro applic­ations
Win + L
Lock Screen
Win + Page Up/ Page Down
Switch Primary & Secondary Monitors
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Start Screen)
Tile Zoom Toggle
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Desktop)
Change Desktop Icon Size
Ctrl + Shift+ N
Create New Folder in Current Directory

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