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I love this site and started to make a couple of sheets but have not published my first completed sheet because the content of the cheat sheet is nothing anyone else can use. It would make no sense to publish it. I had though when I started I would be able to use an unpubl­ished sheet. The sheet is a list of custom macro shortcuts in an app. Is there a way to have a private cheat sheet and still get to generate a fine sheet for downlo­ad/­print? If not I am requesting that ability.


3 years ago
Hi Kipp. You can still download an unpubl­ished cheat sheet from the "­Dow­nlo­ads­" menu.

3 years ago
I agree with kippg. It would be cool to have a sheet that is published but private.

For now, I get by with just keeping my private sheets as drafts.

2 years ago

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